Turning in my introvert card


Carrie Rubin, prepare to be amazed.

So y’all know of my great D.C. adventure where I gave a speech to some 200 people, right? You can read of my airport pat-down debacles here and here.

Well, guess what? I need to prepare for the frisking yet again! But it’s not for a talk this time. Oh no. It’s for television!Yep, you read that right. This little introvert is going on TV. Next month I’ll be flying to Birmingham, AL, to film a full week of episodes in one day. I’ll need to bring several changes of clothing so that it will appear as though I returned day after day. So as not to reveal the cable network’s secret, I won’t tell you which one it is.

I ought to be so nervous, but my coauthor will be with me. If I fumble, she’ll pick up the ball. Not having it filmed live, and not having 200 people looking at me, but just one interviewer, will also make it easier.

But still… What the what?!


Here I go again!


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  1. Oh wow, I’m so impressed! That’s wonderfully exciting and very big time. Now I can say “I knew her when.” 🙂

    I’m so happy for you, and like with the speech, I know you’ll knock it out of the park. Can’t wait to hear more about it, and maybe we’ll even be able to watch it, depending on where it airs. So cool!

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  2. This is exciting, says the introvert who has never done anything like this. You seem to be in the right head space about the whole potentially terrifying thing, so I know you’ll do great. Why is this show out of Birmingham AL? Just curious.


  3. Oh how exciting and wonderful! Indeed no need to be terribly nervous, as it’s not live they can always re-shoot bits if you totally mess up, which you totally won’t! I hope we get to see it at some point – you will let us know when it’s on YouTube or some other place we can see it? Congratulations!


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