WHAT did you just say?


My oldest daughter’s birthday was  yesterday. My parents gave her a set of little chicks. (Random? I know.)


Two are missing because they’re in need of repairs. Their wings fell off. I wonder how.

All three girls were playing with them for a bit when I heard my seven-year-old say something that sounded horribly suspicious.

“Here’s your (something starting with an f and ending with -king) chicks.”

“What did you just say?!”

She repeated herself, but I needed a third time to truly understand the word, all the while thinking, “Where on earth did she hear this? Why would she be saying it?”

Finally, I understood: “Here’s your flicking chicks.” Then she demonstrated by setting one down and flicking it with her finger.

Whew! Crisis averted.

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      • There was day when my son was very young and I was very pregnant with my daughter, and it was one mispronunciation after the other….it started with him calling blueberries “boobies” and then it was profanity after profanity….I actually peed my pants from laughing so hard. It makes me miss those days!


  1. My youngest loves to sing the Bruno Mars song, “Uptown Funk.” Let’s just say the first time he ran around the house shouting, “uptown funk you up” made more than a few eyebrows go up.

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  2. That’s hilarious. Reminds me of when I left my youngest with my mother-and-father in-law many years ago to go out for dinner. When I arrived home they were very upset because he said “the F word” I was mortified because he’d never said it before. After some investigating I realised he had said “fart” HAAAAAAAA! (yes – they’re prudes) 😀

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