Of hamsters and men

Remember our hamster, Rapunzel, aka Punzie, so named because of her long hair?  Well, she’s become my dog. I occasionally feed her hamster-safe scraps of food that I find left on the floor by the human residents of this home. I should just let her out at night to forage/vacuum.
June 2016 108

The Punzinator

Once I found a Raisin Bran flake in the corner of the kitchen. I picked it up, with the intention of giving it to Punzie, but after failed attempts to get the dust off, (it was in a tight corner, alright?!) I threw it away.
My husband looked at me with an eyebrow raised.

“I was going to give it to Punz, but I couldn’t get the dust off.”
“She could lick off,” he said.
“I didn’t want her to eat the dust.”
“She eats mine when we race,” he said.

See what I have to deal with folks? You only have to read it, but I have to live it every day!


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  1. How cool that your hamster eats scraps. I wish my cats would do that. Instead, I have to clean up cat puke almost daily. It’s not too bad when it’s in the hard floors, but when they puke on the carpet (or my bed), it gets really annoying. I think it might be time for the cats to disappear. I’ll get the kids a hamster instead.


    • Ugh. Why are your cats puking so much? That sounds so unpleasant. So far as I know, our hamster doesn’t puke. We were told at the shop that she would designate a potty corner, and we’d only have to clean that spot of her cage. Not so. She poops where she sleeps, she poops where she eats, and everywhere in between. Not the brightest of the bunch, I’m guessing!

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  2. Ha, brings new meaning to picking up after yourself! it’d be great if the hamster ball could attract food particles, then you could set him down and let him roam, like a roomba vacuum!


  3. Now I am envisioning your hubs in an actual race with the hamster. He looks over as the clock monitor takes the stands. I hope you are hungry he taunts the poor rodent. Punz twitches its nose. Bang goes the gun.


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