Hamster juice


At my daughter’s birthday party, we discussed cake decorating.

In honor of my daughter’s best birthday present, someone said, “You could just put the hamster on the cake.”

E, my youngest, said, “Then you might get hamster juice on it.” After a long pause, she added, “That’s hamster pee.”

“Yes, we got it. Thank you,” I said to her.

Somehow that spurred her onward instead of silencing her.

“And if you see a brown line–”

“Yes, yes, I said we got it!”

Who needs boys when you have girls like this?

March 2016 001

If you’ve never seen it, let me assure you that a fluffy hamster rolling around in a “ball of doom,” as the girls call it, with fuzzy hair flopping around in back like a white tutu, is one of the funniest things ever. I just hope it doesn’t leave any hamster juice or brown lines on my floor.


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  1. Ha, that’s cake I could actually pass on.

    I’m happy to report this kind of talk does eventually die down. I’d never have thought it, but my 16- and 19-year-old sons don’t do much of it anymore. There’s certainly the occasional male anatomy joke (which their dad often joins in on), but the potty humor has decreased significantly. Who would’ve thunk it?


  2. Hmmm may need to do a little word crafting before that particular recipe takes off.

    Btw- good to know that the potty talk isn’t limited to boys, although you didn’t include quite as many fart references as I’ve grown to expect.


  3. I grew up with two brothers. We never did potty jokes in front of mother. In fact, I recall being the perfect child who was always polite and proper…

    Now for breakfast you should say, “We’re out of OJ so I got you some hamster juice instead.” No that won’t help, but what good is it being a mom if you can’t be childish?

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  4. Potty humor at the kitchen table . . . I think my five and three year old are in competition with each other. Boys and girls both like the potty jokes. I’m so ready for that stage to be over.


  5. Even though they were 3 yrs. apart, at a certain time my niece & nephew were all about “Poo-poo!” You could bring up anything, like, “What should we sing about?” & that’d be their answer, in unison, & they’d be all giggles about it.

    Must be a monkey thing. Since we don’t let children throw the actual substance at each other, they invoke words for excrement as the next best thing to fling for a laugh.


  6. Hamster juice, eh??? OK, then “hamster juice” it is!!! I have 3 beautiful, wild nieces – the 2nd one we “thought” was gonna be a boy, but we got a beautiful girl and I don’t regret it a day! They keep me laughing and challenged all the time and I love them to pieces! šŸ˜‰


  7. Excuse me: the “best birthday present”? Didn’t her beautiful grandmother knit her–with a minimum of mistakes–an exquisite little boa with such fine and colorful yarn that it looked like it was spun from ribbons? Not hamster juice. That would be extra.

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  8. I love when kids have to explain what they’re talking about when it’s something like that, even though we got it already! This isn’t quite the same thing, but it’s funny anyway, so I’ll share it! My friend was telling me a while ago about when his son had said a bad word (the ‘f’ word!) in front of his little sister who was five, and he got reprimanded for it. The next day the daughter had this conversation with her dad:

    “Tommy was naughty yesterday wasn’t he Daddy.”
    “Yes he was.”
    “Tommy said a bad word didn’t he.”
    “Yes he did.”
    “Tommy said f*** didn’t he.”


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