Not exactly a glass-half-full kind of kid


My husband missed dinner because a work meeting ran long. As I was serving our youngest her food she said, “It feels like Dad died.”

“That’s a sad thing to say!”

She looked down, thought about it for a while, and then changed her statement to“Then it’s like Dad left us and is never coming back.”

Yeah. That’s muuuuuch better.

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  1. Hm…actually I find her statement profound….I’m wondering how “death” feels to her, as a child, and how Dad’s not “coming back” actually DOES feel like death to HER….does that kind of make sense????


  2. I propose a test. Let mom stay out late, having dinner and a glass of wine at some reasonably-priced restaurant, and see if the same comment is made. Is this a Daddy’s Girl, or an equal opportunity to feel doom at the thought of seeing more of Grandma and Papa, in parental supporting roles?


      • I see these comments getting farther and farther away from the original story. I don’t think the dad was eating out so much as being is a soul-sucking vortex where time has no meaning. Just saying…


      • I don’t think Flo was implying that the dad was eating out at a restaurant. I believe she was just offering that as a means for me to be out of the house at dinner time. I like her plan of action for this experiment. I should try it sometime. šŸ˜‰


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