It’s a zoo in here!


My kitchen is no longer safe. Wild animals have taken it over. I guess this is what happens when Mommy sleeps in. The children have a field day. And no doubt had a wonderful time. They certainly enjoyed me finding all the animals. Here are several of the places I found them.

March 2016 002

George is curious about where these vines are coming from. Or perhaps he’s just getting back to his jungle roots.

March 2016 003

The lion finds a new watering hole.

March 2016 004

A polar bear crawled into the fruit bowl. What is this tasty new treat? Hmm. Tastes like Chicken of the Sea (tuna).

March 2016 005

Ssssssorry. Thissss drawer’sss occupied. Eat with your handssss.

March 2016 007

Let’s see. What cereal to have for breakfast. Life? Rice Krispies? Apple Cinnamon Cheerios? Or Rainbow Dash?

March 2016 009

It looks like the Aurora Borealis got trapped in this strangely warm ice shelf!

March 2016 010

Whoo? Who stuck me in this odd metal tree?

March 2016 011

Meow! I smell milk!

March 2016 013

Mouse in the candy drawer. Typical. My daughter says I should write, “I see you. Don’t take any candy!”

March 2016 014

My daughter says, “Would you like some tea, Madam?” I was going to say, “I ‘barely’ fit in here!”

March 2016 015

Ah, this blasted crow! First he was in my liquor cabinet. Figures. Then he went after my carbs!

The crow and I have a long history. My girls love to taunt me with this darn bird. It will show up on my pillow (sadly, not just its head), on my keyboard, on my chair. I’ll yell and throw it out of the room. Then I’ll hear a giggle and it will come soaring back. Some day I need to arrange an “accident” for the feathered fiend.


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  1. Mommy, sleeping in, right, maybe that should wait till the kids are in college…

    Not so sure that a polar bear would sit in a fruit bowl – likely not their favorite food. Now George would be climbing and the crow would be checking out the crackers.

    For the crow, you could send the bird to rehab. Especially if he keeps getting into the liquor cabinet.


  2. As the grandmother (of the girls, not the stuffed animals), let me remind everyone that the candy drawer is mine, all mine.


  3. And the animals were still there when I got home. This was just the tip of the iceberg. The animals were everywhere. πŸ™‚


  4. My kids get up every day at 6:00 am. On weekdays, that’s great. We all get up at that time, and I don’t have to drag them out of bed to get them ready for school. But on Saturdays I really want to sleep in. I’ve started sending them downstairs to watch TV until I want to get out of bed. I wonder how long it will be before they make similar mischief.

    Also, my daughter had a toy once that made a noise that drove us *nuts*. We arranged an “accident” for the toy (actually my husband got so fed up with it that he just opened the door one night and threw it out in the yard. It was out there for a while, but when my daughter finally found it, it still worked. So the “accident” didn’t really help. Next time we’ll just remove the batteries and tell her it’s broken πŸ™‚


    • I can’t even fathom getting up at 6 a.m.! I dream of being a morning person–during the morning, while I’m asleep in bed. πŸ˜‰
      At least you got some small reprieve from that noisy toy until your daughter found it again. :/

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  5. An “accident”, eh????? Oh dear, we need to send help for the crow! What playful imaginations the kids have…cute to see kids doing fun, “kid stuff”….thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

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    • My sister marvels too. Even as kids she wondered how my candy could last so long. My kids have inherited my near indifference. They have still have candy from holidays more than a year later. Now ice cream, on the other hand…


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