Happy Easter, hamster!


My two redheaded daughters made cards for our hamster, Rapunzel–so named because she’s a Syrian long-hair. She’s so fluffy I’ve had to cut out bedding that got tangled in her hair.

One card said “Happy Easter” with a picture of foods she likes to eat such as carrots, broccoli, clover flowers, yogurt treats, and hamster pellets. Inside my daughter wrote, “I love you, Rapunzel. I hope you enjoy today!”

The card was sticking between the blue metal slats of her cage. I doubt she read it, but I’m glad she didn’t eat it or turn it into nest fodder.

The youngest daughter’s card also had pictures of her favorite foods and her name, slightly misspelled, as well as hearts. It was propped up next to the cage so she could look at it.

But did I, the mother, the one who bought the hamster, get an Easter card? Nooooooo.

Typical. Maybe I need to grow my hair longer and stick colored bits of paper in it.

004 (2)

Rapunzel in all her fluffy tangled mess. Rapunzel–tangled. I just got that!

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  1. Maybe if you got a person size hamster wheel and ran on all fours in it. Then with your long hair and bits of colored paper you’d be more hamster like. Or maybe replaced your bedroom door with nice blue cage wires and begged for carrots a lot…


    • Always the inventive one, Andrew. Getting them to feed me, change my bedding, clean up after me… It’s like me when they were babies, but the cage is a crib. I suspect they’ll be doing that when I’m old and infirm.


  2. We all settled down after our Easter dinner to watch Tangled. It’s a great movie! It was rainy so we relaxed, ate various Easter candy and took naps. ….but I didn’t get a card either. And you are so much better than Syrian Long Hair status anyway….have another marshmallow peep or peanut butter egg. ..Happy Easter Keaster! πŸ™‚


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