Whose kid is this?!


My sweet, darling, adorable red-headed six-year-old, E, never ceases to astound me. But not always for good reason.

Here’s an exchange between her and her older sister, L, while they stirred up strawberry jello.

E: It’s blood.
L: No, it’s a flood.
E: It’s a flood of blood.
L: No, it’s a strawberry flood.
E: It’s a flood of strawberry blood.

I have no words…

Then another time I grabbed her hand and started trimming her fingernails. L walked in and E said, “Look at what the royal servant is doing.”

It took me a moment to register what she’d said. Then I looked up. “Did you just refer to me as ‘the royal servant’?”

She said, “Yes,” in her most regal tone. “I am the queen.”

Creative little so-n-so.

Just to get her back, I’ll share this photo. Many readers have said that a lot of these stories will be great blackmail for when my kids are teenagers. This is most definitely one of those stories/posts.

Behold, Her Royal Highness on her throne, reverse view.

001 (2)

Suck on that, Your Majesty.

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  1. Well, you know they do get the red powder in Jello by squeezing strawberries for the juice, er blood, and flash freeze it to turn the liquid to powder. So her Majesty, might have a point. You, if you want to keep your head, you might be wise to agree.

    And on the toe nail thing – as my wife would say: TMI (too much information).


  2. Erm…cough cough…WHOSE kid is this?! cough cough πŸ˜‰

    What is it with kids and wanting to think of us as servants? When my daughter was little she said to me once “I wish you were our servant!” The thing is, I really believe she meant it as a compliment because she was pleased with the things I was bringing her.

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    • Thank you, Vanessa!!! That’s the second major typo I had in this post. I’m glad I spotted the first one, though it was after the fact. How embarrassing! I should never post these things too quickly.
      We kind of are their servants, though, aren’t we, especially when they’re young and they can’t cook or do laundry? How annoying. Pull your weight, kid! At least your daughter was showing you respect in her own odd way. Not so much mine.


  3. “The royal servant . . . I am the queen.” Lol. That’s hilarious. My daughter is only three and loves to play the queen. I can’t wait to hear the things she’ll be able to come up with in another couple years. She keeps me laughing, but I worry how I’ll be able to deal when she’s a teenager.

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    • Oh no. Please let’s not talk about teenagers. I will have three teenage daughters at once in several years, and I’m already frightened by the thought of it. I’d feel better if they were at least ugly. That would take some stress off. πŸ˜‰

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