Now this is just pathetic.


I dreamed that I was picking up crayons, beads, and books from the back of my girls’ closet. Then I was checking the sizes on the dresses they had hanging up to see if they were too small and could be put away.

This is what I was dreaming about, people!

For reals. In my subconscious playground, instead of beating up bad guys with my mad martial arts skills (like I did that one time with the crow–it was a really bad crow, okay?), I’m picking the dust bunnies off broken, paperless Crayolas and plucking pony beads from between carpet fibers.

In my dreamworld, I’m still a mom.

At least I’m a mom who’s a better cleaner, but still. Is that really the best I can do?

I think it’s time for a Die Hard marathon. Let’s see what my brain does with that.

Probably scold Hans Gruber on his bad table manners.


Ah, back in the days when Bruce had hair. Although I think he pulls off the bald look fairly well. (

Do any of you parents dream about parenting? Do you dream of being in a Die Hard-esque movie? Do you think Bruce pulls off the bald look well? Do you wish you could too?

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  1. Ha! At least you were thriving, think my most recent mum dream involved trying to wean a baby but getting the food up its nose because distracted monitoring a toddler….not sure what that means… Left me a bit perplexed!


  2. Sometimes I wish I could remember my dreams, other times I wake up and say crap, why did I dream about that? Then spend the rest of the morning trying to figure out the purpose behind that strange dream!


    • It’s no use trying to figure out the purpose of our dreams, I’ve decided. They’re usually just too weird to puzzle out. My dad told me once synapses in our brain are just firing off randomly in our sleep, so it often doesn’t make any sense. Though they sometimes are difficult to shake off, aren’t they? But more importantly, great to see you again, Nikitaland! It’s been a long time. Where’ve you been?


  3. The last dream I remember having was a Die Hard-esque parenting adventure. In the dream, my family had to flee China for our lives (I can’t remember the reason). My husband was fleeing with my son and I was left to escape the country with my daughter. I woke up when “the bad guys” tried to take her from me and get on a boat to sail away. Silly I know, but it was a pretty scary dream at the time.


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