So rude, and yet, so wonderful


A friend overheard one guy saying to another, “Sorry, man, I was just trying to have a battle of wits with you. I didn’t realize you were unarmed.”


I was giving a friend info about a game night, when he said he would have to “punt this” to his wife. “I was born to ruin family plans,” he explained.

I responded with, “You ruined your family’s plan when you were born.”

Ooh, zing! I consider that some of my best work.

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  1. My favorite is for when someone, young or old, may have been served or consumed a little too much and they get a little offensive, sure to put them in their place:” I remember (having) my first beer”. Ok, well it sounds better when you actually say it. I love the ‘Battle of the Wits‘ remark.


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