Another reason I love my husband


(as if I need more reasons)

I wanted him to get the kids ready for bed because I was wrapping presents for our daughter’s birthday the next day. I said to him, “Could you please get the kids ready for bed? I’m taking care of some business…involving Tupac.”


He automatically knew what I was talking about. (Tupac = rapper = wrapping)

That’s how cool we are.

And also, we tuck our legs up and wrap our arms around them.

Because that’s how we roll.

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  1. My youngest aunt always does my grandmother’s Christmas wrapping for her. My grandmother was born in 1918. She watches the news all the time, though some things escape her. My aunt was wrapping her presents in ’96 when my grandmother said to her, “You’re a good wrapper. Just like that guy they shot in Las Vegas.” My aunt said, “uhhh, do you mean Tupac?” “Yes,” she said, “he was a good wrapper too.”


  2. When our kids were younger and we wanted to “talk over their heads”, I would ask my husband “How does Arctic Granite sound?” He knew that I meant ColdStone ice cream!


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