My husband is soooooooo funny


English: Pillow Português: Travesseiro

Last night at 11:30, P. had to pick up a family from the airport 45 minutes away and deliver them to their house. He didn’t get home until 12:45. When I heard the garage door open, I woke up and scooted to his side of the bed to warm it up for him. When he got in, he sighed happily and said, “I missed you.” I said, “I missed you, too.” Then he said, “I was talking to my pillow.”

This morning, when it was close to time for him to get up for work, I scooted over and snuggled with him. He said, “I’ll miss you.” I said, “Awh.” He said, “I was talking to my pillow again.”

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  1. Your blog is so funny, I just love it. I was the recipient of the Very Inspiring Blogger award and I am repaying that kindness by nominating yours! Just go to my newest post and save and upload your award. You’ll see from my post what to do. Keep up the great work!


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