An email from your future self


That was the subject heading of the message I found in my in-box this afternoon. The body of the email was:

“be ready for your husband when he gets home. he is leaving work right now but has to stop by the bank first. he forgot to tell you he was going.  so typical.  give him a big kiss, too. he will appreciate it.

oh, and in the future, there are no capital letters.”

This is what happens when your husband becomes privy to your email password.

Has your husband or wife done anything funny or unexpected to/for you lately?

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  1. My husband’s texts always make me laugh because he never checks to see what autocorrect has done to his words. One time he tried to tell me he was reading upstairs and it somehow came out he was lactating upstairs. I kid you not. I couldn’t stop laughing.


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