Is it snowing in here?


Feather 001

When our daughter was three, she had a pink dress with very fine feather trimming.  During church, she discovered that she could pull off a small clump of feathers and toss them into the air. They would then float down ever so slowly. In her excitement, she started to squeal. We looked over to see a cloud of feathers in the air.  We also noticed that everyone around us was chuckling.  We were later told by an older woman that it was the highlight of the service, but we never let our daughter wear that dress to church again.

Timothy, father of 3

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  1. What a lucky little girl to have a fine dress like that. I wish I could’ve witnessed the floating feathers. Fun!


  2. Oh my goodness, what a great story. And there is nothing you can do about floating feathers en-mass! Trying to catch them would only make it worse…you just have to wait it out….so funny.


    • “En-mass” nice, especially if this was a Catholic Church. True, parents’ flailing arms would only add to the chaos. (Too bad they didn’t do that.) 😉


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