Where did that thing come from?


A 1957 model high chair by Cosco.

My two-year-old was beyond ready to get down from her high chair. As she was  kicking her legs in protest of her confinement, she noticed one foot pop momentarily into view above her tray. Her yelling stopped. Slowly, she lifted her foot into view once more and said, “I seeeee youuuu!”

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  1. Ok, that is LOL funny. Seriously, you have to warn us if it going to be this funny before we read it at an inappropriate time!


  2. Found your blog through lazyhippiemama’s blog award post – LOVE IT! My little one is not yet speaking, but, from the “sounds” of it from reading your blog, I’m in for a real….treat…or at least good stories! 🙂


    • Congratulations, Rebecca! And yes, you are in for a wild ride. This blog is to encourage parents like you and to help you understand what you’re getting into! 😉
      Lots of love and support!


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