As heard in a Kindergarten classroom, part 4


I was pulling wet wipes out of the container and the wipes had kinda balled up at the bottom. One of my boys seeing me struggling, says, “Kinda hard, Miss C, huh? Just about as hard as pulling a thorn out of a dinosaur.”

After our routine goodbye song at the end of the day, one of my students walked up to me and slipped a quarter into my hand whispering quietly in my ear, “This is for you, Miss C, for being good and not talking too much today.”

One of my students asked me if I was married one day, and immediately another student started laughing and replied, “Miss C?? No way! She’s not married. She’s just a KID!”
During math class, as I was passing out assessments, one of my girls–a constant daydreamer–nearly jumped out of her seat as I set her assessment on her desk from behind her. She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw me and emphatically stated, “Miss C, you SCARED me! I thought you were a tree branch!”
At the school where I taught, we had virtues for each month, and these virtues would be discussed with the students at the beginning of the month and encouraged throughout the month. The teacher would decide on a winner for the Virtue of the Month Award. This award was a very coveted award among my kindergarten students, although this did not discourage them from encouraging one another in the practice of these particular monthly virtues! One girl, in an attempt to encourage a fellow student, on seeing he was having difficulty with a project, whispered to her friend, “Come on. You can do it! Remember–perseverance! It’s the employee of the month!”

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    • Haha! I know! These kids inadvertently reveal far too much of their home life. I don’t remember if this set included the girl doing exercises like her mom does to “keep her butt trim,” or the one who said her mom goes to the salon to get hair put on! These poor parents!


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