As heard in a Kindergarten classroom, part 7


English: Ruellia brittoniana (habit with pink ...

“Let’s all draw some things that remind us of home,” one student proposed one day. “I’m going to draw a pink flamingo.”

Teaching a lesson, prior to being hired for the kindergarten position, I was passing out chalk to the students for a lesson activity, and after setting it on the desk of one of the boys, he looked up at me and said emphatically, “I love you.”

“I miss my mommy,” one student told me one day. Being more than 1000 miles away from my own mommy, I whispered back to her, “I miss my mommy, too.” She smiled a sweet smile back and nodded in acknowledgment of my comment. Then she said, “But you do have a job at least, Miss C.”
Being a couple minutes late to open my gate for the beginning of the school day, I found my students all eagerly piling up at the gate’s entrance. One girl reached her hand out to me pleadingly while I was trying to open the gate, and said, “Why do you torture us so much, Miss C, making us wait?”
Some of the high school students came into class one day to give my students instructions on an upcoming project. Once they left, one of my students asked, “Who was that anyway?” I told him, “They are the older kids in the school–some of the teenagers that go here.” One of my students, quietly but enlightened, said, “Hey, that’s strange. I’d always thought teenagers could only be boys.”
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Part 8 forthcoming!

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  2. “Draw something that reminds us of home” sounds like a Pandora’s Box…

    I work with junior high kids and on a daily basis hilarity ensues. What makes it funny there is that “tweener” age where students might have some adult ideas, or some capacity to express themselves as an adult, but rarely the both at the same time… it’s fun.


    • Cute. I’m glad you enjoy them. My husband teaches junior high kids, too. I enjoy his stories. Like one kid saying, “You didn’t work out this morning, did you? I can always tell because your eyebrows look different when you do.” ?!?!?! Thanks for stopping by!


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