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Today I did my part to save the world


There was a bee on the window screen. Naturally, I wanted it to stay on the screen and to not fly around the house. Seeing it, my children would no doubt freak out and start climbing up the chimney to get away. So I did what any sensible woman would do in this situation: I quickly shut the window and went about my business. I figured I could just “wait the bee out.”

That only lasted a few seconds, actually. I took two steps and then looked back at it pitifully buzzing, silently now, and banging itself first against the screen, then the glass, and back again, over and over. “Poor thing!” I thought, though still unrepentant.

Then I remembered that bees have been in short supply in recent years. [Silent buzz. Bang. Bash. Buzz.] I stood there watching it.

Then I remembered how bees enable flowers to reproduce and fruit to grow. [More quiet, impotent buzzing. More frustrated banging.] Read the rest of this entry

Got to love her honesty

Yummy But Costly

This is what my view will be like in Heaven.


When my daughter was about two, she went to the freezer and took out the 1/2 gallon container of ice cream and put it on the counter. Too tired to deal with the situation properly, I simply asked, “Would you like a bowl?” She responded, Read the rest of this entry

What a disappointment!

Black sesame soft ice cream. in Kakunodate, Ak...

Black sesame soft ice cream. in Kakunodate, Akita, Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I asked my four-year-old about a fun supper we had on vacation and what her favorite part of it was.  She smiled and said, “The ice cream.” I responded, “No, I mean, what REAL food did you like?” Her brow furrowed as she asked, Read the rest of this entry

Sunshine Day and Night


I’ve made a difference in someone’s life! Behold:

My thanks to Teresa Cleveland Wendel for this Sunshine Award. (Check me out. I even got the photo to go with this one!) According to Teresa, the rules for acceptance are that I answer some questions about myself. The first question was, if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Teresa chose bread. That’s right, bread. Really, Teresa? Assuming this hypothetical situation bars all existing laws of nature and nutrition, I’m totally going for ice cream. Just keeping it real, folks. Read the rest of this entry