What a disappointment!

Black sesame soft ice cream. in Kakunodate, Ak...

Black sesame soft ice cream. in Kakunodate, Akita, Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I asked my four-year-old about a fun supper we had on vacation and what her favorite part of it was.  She smiled and said, “The ice cream.” I responded, “No, I mean, what REAL food did you like?” Her brow furrowed as she asked, “Is ice cream not real food”?

Paul, father of 3

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  1. Yesterday, we couldn’t find Tyler’s sneaker. We looked everywhere but had to use his back up pair. This morning, the missing sneaker is in his backpack! I am surprised and amazed. He says, “I know. I found it on the bus yesterday coming home!” Uh..ok..


  2. Can we all just recall that expression from somewhere (the Bible?) which goes something like “Out of the mouths of babes…” with the gist of the expression meaning that you get the whole truth from children, and nothing but? My granddaughter loves to talk to my mother when she visits, so there’s the great grandmother and my granddaughter exchanging ideas. I get the report of what Seslie has to say about the world and right now it’s all about how old mom is, yet Ses will sit on mom’s lap and discuss all kinds of things, most of which are “serious”. How serious can it get for a three year old? Lucky for us she loves popcicles with this heat, but ice cream is always her favorite.


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