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The Chex Mix guy strikes again.


Twice actually. A few weeks ago, the 99c sale was on, calling me like a siren song. I hoped I’d see the CM guy so I could continue our funny banter. I was nearly disappointed until I saw him at the last check stand on my way out. (Click here and here for the first two encounters with the Chex Mix guy.)

“Hey, Chex Mix guy.” [I actually used his real name, but you know, privacy and all that.] When he looked up, I said, “Time to restock the Chex Mix again.”

Without missing a beat, he said, “Yeah, I knew it when I saw you come in.” [He probably didn’t see me come in.]


My spoils.

Today I was back. He walked by as I was checking out. Read the rest of this entry

Another great parenting rap

2011 Toyota Sienna photographed in Clarksville...

2011 Toyota Sienna

Again, my apologies that I’m not cool enough to know how to embed the video. (If some useful person wants to tell me via the comments, I’d appreciate it.) In the meantime, just click the link, people, and enjoy, darn it!


A video too funny not to share!


Don’t Forget to Feed the Baby posted this on facebook with the message, “Watch this RIGHT NOW!” With a command like that, I had to comply, and I’m glad I did. So to all of you who haven’t seen it yet, “Watch this RIGHT NOW!”: Read the rest of this entry