The Chex Mix guy strikes again.


Twice actually. A few weeks ago, the 99c sale was on, calling me like a siren song. I hoped I’d see the CM guy so I could continue our funny banter. I was nearly disappointed until I saw him at the last check stand on my way out. (Click here and here for the first two encounters with the Chex Mix guy.)

“Hey, Chex Mix guy.” [I actually used his real name, but you know, privacy and all that.] When he looked up, I said, “Time to restock the Chex Mix again.”

Without missing a beat, he said, “Yeah, I knew it when I saw you come in.” [He probably didn’t see me come in.]


My spoils.

Today I was back. He walked by as I was checking out. “Hi, Chex Mix guy,” I said. (Again, not his real name.)

He smiled and said, “Hi,” and looked about to say my name then realized he didn’t know it. A couple steps past me he realized who I was, it seems. He turned and said, “Hey, did you get Chex Mix?”

“Not this time.”

He put on a face of not understanding.

“I do buy other things.”

He glanced into my cart from afar and said, “I’m so confused.”

I love funny people. Like my son, for instance. We got home from the store, and I’m putting groceries away. I hear him calling me from the other room where he immediately ran upon arrival to play with his cars.

This is how he called me:

“Betsyyy… Betsyyy… Betsyyy…”


Then a few minutes later I casually mention bacon, he says, “Ooooh, bacon,” runs to the kitchen, and climbs in his highchair. #hisfather’sson #okayandminetoo

He also dumped the contents of a game on the floor and said, “Oh, goodness.”


I was quite proud of how well he speaks, so naturally I bragged to my mother about what a genius her grandson is. Then the next day he tried to cut my fingernails with a paper clip.

Have a great week!

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  1. Chex Mix guy must think that’s the only thing the store sells, or the only thing you eat. Hah, brilliant.
    Your son made me chuckle. You can ignore the paperclip situation because he knows what the real important things in life are already, getting straight into his high chair at the mention of bacon, clever boy! πŸ˜‰

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  2. I like standard Chex Mix …. but hey … I also like Chex for breakfast – well, it’s in my rotation. Cutting finger nails with a paper clip? Sounds like your son may be onto a new enterprise!

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  3. Ahh empty game boxes, I know that one well, in fact the boxes wear out far too easily, we prefer to play with boxes instead of contents. How articulate of your little man, I’m always amazed at how well toddlers speak, none of mine ever did, in fact we are still working on it with two out of the three.

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