Rejected reviews… and pictures!


Three people have told me their Amazon review of my book, Be a Happier Parent or Laugh Trying was rejected by the inscrutable Amazon police. Since they went to the trouble, I hate for their thoughtful words to be lost in the ethos of the internet. The hilarious, thought-provoking Tref of Trefology, and non-blogger, Theresa, were kind enough to share their efforts with me.

Here’s what Tref wrote:

I am a long time reader of Betsy’s blog, Parenting Is Funny. I am not a parent, or a pediatrician, a Franciscan, or a retired early-childhood mental health counselor. I do have a turtle. And it’s a very naughty turtle, but, really, I am just a guy who likes funny things. And Betsy Kerekes is very, very funny. She is also very wise. In classical philosophy she would be called a sage. But fortunately for us, classical philosophy does not enter into it. Nobody ever put down a copy of Schopenhauer’s Parerga and Paralipomena and said, “That is hilarious!” But with this book, you will do just that.

Golly, thanks, Tref!

And Theresa said:

Mrs. Kerekes writes a book about parenting that is very helpful with good advice and very entertaining, making me laugh— which is something highly needed at this time in my life as I have 2 teenagers and one young adult in college. My previous life was as a registered nurse in a neonatal and pediatric ICU with many challenging children to take care of, but I must say, parenting trumps that job and is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. Taking the attitude and humor that Mrs. Kerekes recommends is what gets me through this parenting job….. All I can say is thank you, Betsy, for making me a happier parent!!

Garsh, Theresa. That was swell of you.

And now for the non-related pictures, because I did promise pictures.


Two of my girls taking up knitting.

cat car

Neighbor Cat basically lives in our yard. She seems wholly unconcerned by her imminent danger should The Toddler be let loose in the yard.

Joe glasses

Joe (aka The Toddler) with pipe cleaner glasses.

me and kitten

Blissfully holding my niece’s kitten, Jelly Bean.

purple flowers

Fallen petals from a jacaranda tree.

tree stump

The resilience of this cut-down, knocked-out tree should be a lesson to us all.


I hear this is a good book.

Okay, fine, and one related photo of my book cover, since that seems logical. Oh, and hey, did I mention I had two other books, just in case anyone is learning this for the first time. I’ll just go ahead and post pics of those too. (You can click them for links. You know, if you want to.)

101_tips_marrying_right_person     101 tips happier marriage

Which review and/or picture(s) was/were your favorites?

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  1. Hi Betsy, I am glad you are posting about this. I have written some genuine, fair reviews of books using tasteful language on and within five minutes I get a note back saying my review has been rejected. I have bought the books and they obviously have it on record. The last time, I sent a letter to Amazon asking “why” and what can I do differently. I was ignored. I do not always have this issue. Frustrating and unfair to the author and the reader.

    I love seeing the girl’s intent faces on their knitting projects. Joe is adorable! I have added your books to my reading list.🙂

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    • I suspect bots are involved in the process. It makes no sense to me. The 3rd person whose review was rejected was my SIL who shares my last name, so I suppose the powers that be expected her to be biased. Who knows? I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with this too. You went to the trouble, and for nothing. I hope you were somehow able to share your words with the authors in other ways. (If the reviews were positive, of course.)

      The girls are way into their knitting now. It was a brilliant move by the daughter in the foreground to help pass the time during quarantine. Joe is crazy cute, tis true. Thanks for including my books on your list!!!

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  2. Amazon is evil, except for the part where they deliver things I want at a good price, other than that, they are an evil organization bent on the conquest of the planet and enslavement of all people.

    Not that I hold a strong opinion on the subject.

    and did that car hit that poor kitty?!? looks like a hit and run scene, poor kitty.

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    • Tref, did you see this other comment?

      Tref’s is hilarious (but he mentioned your blog which I think is a no-no, implies a “relationship.”)

      I wonder if you could try again? I’m sort of curious now to see if her theory is correct. If you left out my blog, maybe it would be safe?

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      • All my reviews were taken down, BK, not only yours, as well as my profile photo which was deemed “inappropriate” (it was of my face, so I don’t know what to make of that one)

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      • HAHAHAHA! I’m so sorry, tref. That is NOT funny.
        (But oh my gosh, it sort of is.)
        But I’m also sincerely sorry that happened to you because it is truly bizarre, unless you’re into some hinky stuff that I’m just not aware of. Assuming not, I’m just going to snort-laugh quietly over here.

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  3. Seems pretty obvious to me why both reviews were rejected. Tref’s mentions the phrase “very naughty” while Theresa’s sin is worse…she used the T word (“trumps”).

    Shame on those two. They really ought to know better.

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  4. Those are lovely reviews, Betsy. Amazon…. sigh.

    Tref’s is hilarious (but he mentioned your blog which I think is a no-no, implies a “relationship.”)
    And Theresa’s couldn’t be more to the point for parents wanting to up the ante (but she mentioned your first name, which implies a “relationship.”)

    And great pics. The neighbor’s cat is brave indeed.
    And your family is going to have plenty of scarfs for Christmas!

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  5. Like Erica/Erika I’ve tried to leave book reviews on Amazon and they’ve been rejected. Just not published. No explanation. I think it’s unfair to the authors, but I realize that the ways of Amazon are not mine to question. But being a sage like you are I’m sure you understand why Amazon is so prissy about reviews. Love the photo of the girls knitting + the kitten is adorable.

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  6. I think the covers are fantastic, and I really like the contrast between the two to differentiate them. But how frustrating with the Amazon police! Did they give a specific reason for the rejection? I get that they want to reduce spam and fake reviews, but they shouldn’t do that at the detriment of genuine words of praise. Did the reviews purchase the books first via Amazon? I hope there’s some way this can be challenged as it seems very unfair for them to not appear next to your books. On the plus side, I hope you can re-read this post and the lovely words you’ve received about your work so you know you’re touching others by sharing your support, compassion & advice!  ♥

    Caz xx

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    • We found neighbor kitty stuck in our shed. She may have been there for a day and a half. Somehow, she still loves us and sticks around! Neighbor says she must prefer it here because there aren’t three young boys living here. (Just one!)

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