They were being inconsiderate, really.


Audience photo by Vlah Dumitru on Unsplash.

At the end of a school play (Pre-covid, obviously), when the audience was applauding, Joe kept saying something I couldn’t hear. Finally, when the crowd’s enthusiasm died down, he said, “They weren’t listening to me. They kept clapping.”

The nerve of some people.

He just watched me scrubbing a toilet, cleaning the shower, etc. and said, “Mom, why are you being so funny?”

What does it say about me that he finds this behavior of mine amusing?

Have you done anything “funny” lately?

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  1. Well, I get that he’d be annoyed that people wouldn’t stop clapping – after all he is the most important person in the world (just ask him). It’s interesting that your cleaning seems to amuse him. Perhaps it’s the way you scrub.

    I haven’t done anything funny in the last two weeks – you’re not allowed to be funny when moving, some weird law they have in Nevada …

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  2. LOL! I’m sure if you send Joe here he would find me hilarious (because household chores are like full-moon occasions–that’s about how often I feel inclined to do them 🙂 ) As for funny (outside of household chores), probably weeding is in that category (now that we have our humor defined 😀 😀 ) Oh, and reading snarky urban fiction. Laugh out loud snark is fun! I’m on a steady diet right now of Jim Butcher, Patricia Briggs, and Ilona Andrews — I tell myself it’s for the snark 🙂

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    • For the snark, riiiiight. I mean, if you need an excuse to read for fun. I find research is usually all I need for an excuse. 🙂
      It’s a shame I don’t clean more often so that there would be more laughter and hilarity around here. :/

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  3. Funny?… well, I did read this post.
    Oh, and I tripped while carrying a full gallon of paint. It went flying and sprayed everything for ten feet. That was funny in a horrible way.
    Joe is so cute. He’ll give you reasons to post for years. 🙂

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  4. The nerve of some people, to continue clapping when important things needed to be said. Too cute!
    I’m not sure that cleaning is funny, but my boys went through a time where anything bathroom related, cleaning of toilets included, was considered hilarious. Now that I think about it, I don’t think that time has actually ended around here. Bathroom humor for life!

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  5. Joe is the Cutest!!!!

    Your 2 anecdotes brought back a memory from waaaaaaay back (probably not to the point, so bear with me): we were sitting in the pews at mass (girls were about 4 and 6) after a long hiatus (we couldn’t cope with sitting in the main church when they went through the fidgety phase so we tried Cry Rooms, walking them outside the sanctuary, etc etc.). When the bell tinkled during the celebration of the Eucharist, the older one asked in her loud Stage Whisper: “Mommy, is that the Ice Cream Man”?

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  6. Like you, I don’t THINK I’m doing something/anything funny, but my family members keep laughing at me (with me?) Like when I couldn’t find my facemask anywhere and began going crazy looking for it, and one of the ‘kids’ (um, 30-something) pointed to my ear, in which the face mask was hanging down where I’d put it so I could breathe. ;-0
    I think you must have a really cute way of scrubbing….

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    • Haha! Hanging off your ear. At least you’ve gotten so used to it that it wasn’t bugging you. That’s good, anyway. 🙂 Sort of like when you can’t find your glasses and they’re on your head. Or a friend of mine who was freaking out because she couldn’t find her kid who was already in her arms. Lol! Thanks for sharing, Roughwighting. And, no, I highly doubt my method of toilet scrubbing is anything special. It was probably just something he’d never seen me doing before!


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