My son thinks he’s SO clever


Joe was in his high chair. Not eating. I told him to take a bite. He leaned his head against the back of his chair, closed his eyes, and faked heavy sleep breathing.

First of all, when and how did he learn this?!

I said, “Should I take you to bed then?”

Still with his eyes closed, he lifted his pointer finger as in “one minute.”

Seriously, kid? So much for being asleep.


Delicious looking plate of green beans. That I didn’t cook, hence looking delicious. Image by Vu DOAN from Pixabay


When my parents were here for Christmas, Joe said, “I don’t need these green beans.”

My mom, trying to be helpful, said, “Green beans are my favorite!”

Joe said, “You can eat them then.”


Joe loves going outside. The problem is, someone has to accompany him and doesn’t always want to. So whenever the word “out” needs to be said, it’s stated as, “o-u-t,” lest the little boy’s ears perk like a sleeping dog being roused by a shaking leash.

We thought this routine was working well until Joe announced, “I wanna go o-u-t!”

Maybe my son is that clever and we’re the ones who only think we are.


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  1. Sometimes you have to talk in front of your kids without them knowing what you are saying.
    First we spell words but eventually the kids figure out how to spell (but at 2.5 years old! come on!!) Then we switch to Spanish…and our oldest us and says, “oh, you just said this…”
    Silly education systems! sprechenze deutsch anyone?

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