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Those of you who follow Andrew Reynolds’ blog know that I’m blatantly stealing his post idea. (Flattered, Andrew?) His hilarious Friday posts are often “wisdom” from his father. Since my children’s father imparted wisdom on them recently, I couldn’t resist this post.

My husband and three daughters were at Costco when one of them spotted a dime on the floor. Soon another found two pennies, and the other a quarter. Next it was another penny and a dime.
My husband said, “We should find out who’s dropping this money. And follow him.”
What do you do when you find a coin on the floor?
A. Pick it up.
B. Leave it.
C. Turn it head side up to give someone good luck.

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  1. Happy Friday!

    My kids always search for coins everywhere they go. Their favorite spot is next to the vending machines and Candy dispensers. However I have taught them that money they find belongs to someone and that we need to return it if at all possible. Unfortunately, we also realize how difficult that would be for a mere penny or nickel.

    We had a long discussion one day as to what to do with money that isn’t ours but the owner won’t return for. And my girls decided that they would still have the fun of searching for it, but would put it in a donation bucket. If we can’t find a donation bucket then they give it to a homeless person.

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    • Haha! Question your whole life? Superstition is not something to feel guilty about not following. It is merely that–superstition. I pick up loose change and don’t look back, Ally Bean. I saw that last thing in a movie. Didn’t come up with it on my own.

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  2. It’s great you’re sharing this wisdom – I like to think of myself as a lead in the cause of wisdom.

    as to a dropped coin: I’ve gotten to the age that bending over to pick it up is a bit risky. I never know if my back will go out before returning to vertical without needing to call for a paramedic crew.

    These days when I see a coin on the ground my first thought is a question, “dime or possible 911 call?” If there is a child nearby I’ll say, “Excuse me, I think you dropped a dime there.” and let the young’n deal with it.


  3. I don’t pick up money I see. I leave it for someone else. I recently watched a vlog where a woman and family put all found money in a jar, and at the end of the year the kids decide what charity to donate it to. I love that idea.

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  4. It depends. These days, a penny on the ground doesn’t really seem worth the trouble. A dime or quarter, definitely pick it up. Nickel? Depends, I guess, on where I find it. I mean, a nickel on the floor in a hospital is probably more harmful to my health than one dropped on the sidewalk. You know, with all those drug-resistant bugs and all. Then there was the story my brother told about super-gluing a quarter to the sidewalk so he could watch people try to pick it up.

    Your girls sound like they’ve got it figured out ๐Ÿ˜€

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  5. I always pick it up , and treated like a very special gift from the universe, I am trying to teach my kids to do the same, and is funny before I wasnโ€™t that grateful and organized with my money and I was always lacking money, now I always have money a little but hey itโ€™s money ๐Ÿ’ฐ

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  6. Currently, I do nothing (Choice B) but I am inspired to do this “We should find out whoโ€™s dropping this money. And follow him.” It should be Choice D. Wish you and your family a wonderful weekend!


  7. Many years ago in San Francisco, I was walking past by a bar entrance and found a $20 bill. I thought this was like a one in a million chance. Then, I was walking with a friend and as we approach the area of the bar I told her how I found a $20 note. A few seconds later, I see her bend down . . .and to my utter surprize, she picked up and showed me a $100 bill she found almost at the same spot near the entrance of that bar!!!


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