The best part of being Mom is…


When the kids eat m&m’s, I make them give me all the ones with my initial on them.


My blog presence lately has been scattershot at best. Deadline this, deadline that. Too little time to keep up, sadly. :/ But on the plus side to all this work…

The copy editor of my parenting book, coming in April, found me on Facebook. He messaged me saying, “I don’t know if the publisher wants you to know I’m editing your book, but I gotta say it’s hilarious to read. Very well done.”

That made me smile even more than a handful of chocolate. πŸ™‚

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  1. Well…congratulations! I have been MIA from my blog and all reading tooπŸ˜• So I might haven’t caught up with all your posts…But I can say just by reading this simple but humor laced post that your book will be success!

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  2. Love that the copy editor loves your book! And of course you get the M&Ms with your initial on it. Better than the blondes at the factory rejecting all the Ws πŸ˜€ You’ve got this! And with such funny kids, loads of material for the next book, right? πŸ˜‰


  3. Not chocolate related, but my son adds blue to his artwork at school because it’s my favorite color. He’ll present it to me at pick-up, “Look, Mommy, there’s blue because I was thinking of you.” And, then we go out for cookies and he and his sister scarf all my treats at home…

    Glad your book is going well…I remember not all that long ago your self-imposed seclusion. I had no doubt such a thing would pay off!

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  4. Come by the Mars plant in Hackettstown, near me, and from the road you’ll see the M&Ms (Plain & Peanut) waving at you. Maybe you can rig your shower to give you a candy coating as the ads used to show — you know, after a dip in their chocolate-filled swimming pool. Melts in your pockets, not in your hands.

    In addition to coyotes, we have reports of Bigfoot/sasquatch around here, only I’m told that here, they’re known as Old Red-Eye.


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