Action! (TV Debut part 2)

nose powder

Can this count as action? Since I wasn’t able to take pictures of the actual filming, for obvious reasons, here’s an “action” shot of me getting my nose powdered by the floor manager. He doesn’t look like the type to apply make-up, does he? He gave the host the wrap-up sign and ran a camera, or was it just the teleprompter? I also saw him washing our mugs later. A versatile guy! And a total sweetheart. His accent was as Southern as they come. I commented that he must be local. He said, “I was born six miles from here,” in his fantastic drawl.

It was fun watching the teleprompter scroll while the host read from it and the operatorΒ  sped it up or slowed it down according to her pace. Neat to see one in action. I also walked by the sound room. I didn’t take a picture because I was sure the flash would bounce off the glass, but it was accurate to all sound rooms you’ve seen in the movies. Also, being back stage was a hoot: roaming through the wooden sets on wheels, ready to take to the studio when their program time came. Wild!

The floor manager gave us the low-down. It would be casual, just sitting and having a conversation, he said. Through my moderated hyperventilating I asked how much editing they do. He said, “We don’t really, not unless there’s a major flub.” “So, I can’t just look at you and say, ‘Can we edit that part out?'” “No,” he said. Bummer.

So we sat on yellow couches and were filmed talking about 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage and 101 Tips for Marrying the Right Person. The baby in my belly was introduced to the world by the host. “Hi, Joseph,” she said and actually waved to him. (The poor kid’s been on TV before he’s even been born. No pressure.) It will be fun, and frightening, to watch the shows when they air sometime in the fall. We did our quick wardrobe changes between programs and said stuff on the next episode like, “So when we were talking yesterday…” What a riot.


Here I am getting mic’d up, as they say, by a young man who was surprisingly comfortable handling women’s clothing. For each shoot he had to drop the mic down the back of the host’s dress. I saw him hold it in his hands for a minute beforehand to warm it up. What a sweetie! He was very good at what he does, making sure the cord wasn’t showing, etc.

At the end of each program, the floor manager announced, “And we’re clear.” I saw the credits scroll on the tv with the closing song playing over a backdrop. But after one of the episodes, he didn’t say “We’re clear.” I was about to pull off my microphone but looked up to see our faces still on the screen. “We’re still on,” I muttered. The three of us looked at each other. “What should we do?” I said. “I know, let’s pretend like someone said something funny.” And the host and I did an arms-in-the-air fake laugh that will, no doubt, look exactly like people doing fake laughs when they know they’re still being filmed. I’m eager to see how that turns out! Ha!

When the final program was over, we rushed to our guest house to pack up and be ready for our ride back to the airport. I was sad we ran out before saying a proper goodbye to our host. Turns out, she met us at the van. She said her crew enjoyed the program and thought we were funny. Then she said it was a big deal for them to say anything because they’re so jaded from seeing so many of these day in and day out. They normally don’t comment at all. That was the best compliment.

When my colleague left me in the Houston airport, I was jealous that she’d be home soon, but I still had about five hours before I’d be back in my own bed, around midnight. That’s when the fatigue finally hit, but, despite that and other discomforts on the way home, I knew they were hardly worth mentioning since there’d been more than enough blessings to make up for it. And I had so much fun. It was a great experience. Maybe next time (if there’s ever a next time) I won’t be so nervous!

P.S. Since I’m clearly such an exciting person, you can’t get enough of me, I’m trying to get better about marketing, and if you’re on Facebook, please like my parenting is funny page. I would appreciate it! πŸ™‚

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  1. I didn’t realize you were having a boy. I guess this means you can’t get away with hand-me-downs. I mean I guess you could, especially if you intend to help your currently unborn child’s future writing career by giving him plenty of tell all memoir fodder, but probably shouldn’t.

    Sounds like you had quite the fun experience.


  2. “Through my moderated hyperventilating I asked how much editing they do. He said, β€œWe don’t really, not unless there’s a major flub.” β€œSo, I can’t just look at you and say, β€˜Can we edit that part out?’” β€œNo,” he said. Bummer.”

    Ha! That would be a bummer, but I’m not surprised you didn’t need the editing. This is great reading about your TV experience. I love it!


    • I did, at one point, when asked a question, say, “I don’t know how to answer that.” It was what my biggest fear was. My co-author didn’t hesitate before jumping in on my behalf. Then I sort of jumped in at the tail end of her response to add something and (hopefully) save face!

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      • There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying “I don’t know how to answer that” and I’m sure it didn’t look bad at all. If anything, it probably made you much more relatable to your audience. People are easier to like when we know they (like us) aren’t perfect, right?

        This is a big accomplishment! Congrats . . . I’m sure there will be many more TV appearances.


  3. Sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us πŸ™‚ Next stop on your train is new baby world, I imagine. Are your girls excited to have a little brother? I remember before my next younger bro was born (I’m oldest of 5); I thought it’d be cool. Yeah. Still waiting for it to be cool πŸ˜‰

    I think I know the theme for your talk show: authors and their cats πŸ˜€


    • Authors and their cats! Perfect. Since Andrew Reynolds is all set to be my first guest, and he has cats, that works. I asked Carrie Rubin, but she abstained. Maybe because she doesn’t have cats. I guess that means you’re a shoo in for the second program!

      I think the girls are excited for their brother. I know the youngest is, the second moderately so, but the oldest I still wonder at. But, yep, next stop for sure. Less than a month left! (I still can’t believe this is happening!!!!)


  4. What an experience! I had no idea how they go about filming those shows that seem to take place over a few days, but now I do. I’m sure you did fine. You look fabulous in your TV make-up. As for Joseph, think of the leg up he has over all the other baby actors out there. He’s got a resume already, and he’s not even here yet.


    • Did you ever see the old, I believe, Police Academy tv show with Leslie Nielson? It was a crack up, and they would end the episode with a stupid joke and a fake laugh which they had to hold while the credits rolled. It was funny watching them try to hold still, especially when a dog came in and started making a mess of things while they were still “frozen.” Hilarious show.

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      • That’s why I’m not totally sure I have the name of the show right. This was a tv series, not the movie. Maybe it was actually Police Squad?? I could look it up, I suppose… Haha! Anyway, you get the idea. πŸ™‚ But both had Nielson and were the same concept.

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  5. He did a great job with the brush and powder…you look fabulous mama! You are a brave person knowing there is no editing, but then again the editing can go a wrong way and make you seem like something you are not. Sweet dreams…nothing like coming home to your own bed after being away.


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