The wonders of the internet


My stomach hurts just looking at this.

My oldest was watching an educational video about flatworms. Yum! I watched the starfish one with her, but let her handle this video on her own. I had dinner to consider, after all.

When it was over she came to give me her report. This is what she learned about flatworms:

“Mommy, did you know that flatworms are both male and female? And when they mate, they fight each other. The loser has to be the female.”

Wow. And we thought humans were sexist.

In other news, my friend Anne posted this little gem on facebook the other day:

In the middle of Barnes & Noble my daughter announced, “WAIT A SECOND…THERE’S TOILET PAPER IN MY BOTTOM!”

They’re just so precious, aren’t they?

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  1. UGH! That picture is gross! Since we are talking about bathroom stories – my 3 year old granddaughter informed me from her car seat in the back of the car as I was taking her to my house for a play date: “I pooped a big one! I feel much better now!” Her mother was not thrilled to hear that story!


  2. The loser has to be female. Well, I suppose there’s some reason for that, I mean, who wants to be pregnant? Especially a flatworm. They just lay a bunch of eggs and move on. They don’t even get to cuddle the babies. All 60 million of them.


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