Not rooting for Wilbur

That's soooome pig!

That’s soooome pig!

I’m reading Charlotte’s Web to my girls. We are currently at the part at the fair where Wilbur is, as always, worried that he’ll be killed. Charlotte assures him he will win a ribbon and won’t be killed. Nice, right?

So, at dinner, my four-year-old takes a bite of meat and says, “Mmmm… Yum-my! This tastes like DEAD PIG!”

Sigh. Then later I asked if she’d like some carrots. She said, “Yes, please, and more dead pig!”

Good grief. I’m not placing money on her becoming a vegetarian.

Since Nikitaland asked for funny stories about my husband, here’s a bonus for you:

At a work meeting, the boss asked if anyone had any burning issues to discuss. One coworker, who talks a lot, raised his hand and said, “I always have a burning issue.”

My husband replied, “You know there’s an ointment for that.”

My husband said he’d never seen his boss laugh so hard. The coworker was slightly less amused. Ah well.

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      • Heh. This is why the humor is the way it is in the cartoons, because among other things, it appeals to kids to know that animals eat other animals. Especially when they swallow them whole and they hear them complaining in their stomach.

        What I meant was that she was “burning” you by her remark, and of course since you gave birth to her, she’s your issue. I guess that wasn’t as obvious as the other “burning issue” joke.


  1. That little girl of yours is so funny and I think she may have inherited it from her father.
    I used to get grossed out when Beth and Alisha would ask at the dinner table if we were eating cow or pig or chicken. I always wanted it to be just meat not something I visualized that used to be alive.

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    • This is interesting because of the contrast with my friend Bill. He wanted his children to have no illusions about such things, although he took pains not to rub it in their faces either. He did a ritual slaughter of a pig at home, which INCLUDES TALKING NICE TO OINKY, singing & whispering to the pig before killing it. The children were allowed to watch or not, as they wished. He also made sure no part of the animal went to waste.

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      • Talking nice, singing and whispering to make the pig relax? That’s harsh. I guess if it’s what needs to be done. I could never do it. It’s so deceptive. Just shooting a wild pig with a bow and arrow I would be okay with.


  2. Philosopher Robert Nozick said he became a vegetarian (not instantly, but after thinking about it a while) after his child looked at a Thanksgiving turkey and said, “This turkey wanted to live.”

    That might make sense, except I don’t think the child’s statement is factually true. I don’t think other animals want to live. They avoid death out of instinct & they learn to avoid injury. However, a friend reported to me that after watching him kill a sheep, another sheep from the flock came to my friend & licked his hand unconcernedly. They don’t comprehend death, so they don’t care about it. Some animals that live in their own communities will communicate distress to others in dangerous situations, but that’s out of instinct, not understanding. They don’t make plans for the future. All the things they do in preparation for life events are programmed.


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