Kids say the funniest things


My four-year-old daughter was so excited that I put bubbles in the bathtub she said, “I’m so happy I could just scream like a little girl!” Thank you for saying so rather than doing so.

Another time she asked my husband, “Dad, did Jesus make your hair very small?” She’d never seen him getting a hair cut, nor seemed to notice every time it was shorter, so it seemed a valid question.

My seven-year-old daughter was making mistakes with her math worksheet. She wasn’t paying attention to whether or not it was an addition or subtraction problem, as it kept changing on her. I said, “Pay attention to the symbol. The symbol is key.”

She responded in a flowy voice: “The symbol is the key to the door with the answer inside.”

She is our dramatic child.

And here’s one from a friend of mine:

Son 1: “Mom! I can’t find my snoopy. Have you seen him?”

Son 2: “Maybe someone stole him. Maybe a robber came into our house when we were sleeping and STOLE him!”

Son 1: “Noooo. No robbers can break into our house because we have SOCIAL SECURITY!”

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  1. These are wonderful! My hub’s hair was made “very small” too. Unfortunately for him, it’s also been made very thin lately, too… 😉

    Social security as home protection. Congress should definitely get on that.


  2. When I was a kid my friend’s Dad used to say he wasn’t balding, he just had a very big forehead which used to make us giggle a lot 🙂

    When my son was little once he was making a big fuss about something and I was trying to talk to him and he said “I can’t hear you while I’m whining!”

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  3. Haha, kids say the darndest things. I always love reading the bloopers on the back page of Parents Magazine–have you ever come across those? My three year old’s newest thing is to say “He got fired” every time we talk about one of our friends. Who, consequently, gets fired very often.

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  4. Ah, we have a screamer too, our 4 year old, with her high pitched pterodactyl screech that we have to constantly correct I mean coach. Then like yours, she asks, “did I always scream, even as a baby?” We’ve got a long way to go with this one. She will make her teachers earn there money next year in school. Cute post! They do say the darnedest things that need preserving….and hang over their heads when they are teenagers…


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