Thank heaven for little…. “Girls!”


I was not disappointed when I found out that my third child was yet another female. Hooray! Once again I dodged the bullet of being sprayed during diaper changes and of having to scrub the bathroom floor after the growing child’s every use!

There was more I thought I was avoiding: what my mother calls “juvenile boy humor,” a.k.a. fart and burp jokes. Yet, apparently, at least in this house, that sort of entertaining is genderless. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to admonish my children, “Stop talking about burps and gas! You’re not boys!” (My children have yet to learn the word “fart,” thank you very much.)

They just grin and run off, only to make the same scenario play out another day.

On one such occasion, after reprimanding them yet again, I turned to my husband and shook my head in exasperation. He smiled and said:

“Step 1 complete. Now, I teach them to like football!”

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  1. My daughter is one year old and already thinks farts are hilarious. If she happens to let one go, she’ll entertain herself for the next twenty minutes blowing raspberries and snickering at her reenactment. So I guess her brother got to her already and messed up her sense of humour. Or maybe farts really are just universally funny?


  2. Girls are delightful! I had two. The surprise of my life was when I married again after my first husband’s death and inherited a 15 year old boy. I had no idea how to deal with a boy – but found that either sex – at any age is a gift from God – farts and all!


  3. Yes, my two cherubs think fart and burp jokes (and sounds) are hilarious. We try to school them daily, if not hourly on this. About 3 weeks ago I told them there will be no such talk, sounds or jokes of such at the dinner table, that Mom and Dad work too hard to be subjected to rude behavior at home at the dinner table. So far it has worked! At least at the dinner table. Yes, thank God for little girls! I may be a completely different person without them..


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