You know I have good friends when…


they’re willing to send me stories like this!

English: An used toilet paper roll Português: ...

English: An used toilet paper roll Português: Um rolo acabado de papel higiênico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) There’s your Portugese lesson for the day. I just can’t get over why someone would take a picture of this. And why would wikipedia want it?

I was in the bathroom taking care of business while my two children milled around on the floor of the bathroom and my bedroom. Upon finishing, I came to the awful realization that not only was I left with an empty roll of TP, but there were no extra rolls in the bathroom either!

The only help I had were a nearly three-year-old and a 10-month-old.  I said to the elder, “Please go get some toilet paper for me from the other bathroom, but not too much!” I should never have added the addendum because lo and behold, the child who I have to regularly stop from unrolling entire rolls of TP onto my floors came back with exactly ONE square of TP!

I told him thank you and said, “Well, I need more than that. Please go get me some more.” And, what did he come back with?

One. more. square.

Instead of a third run for more, I just made do with those two squares and washed my hands REALLY WELL!

Thank you for sharing, Rebecca, mother of 2!

Readers, what would you have done in this situation?

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  1. Sounds like she made the most of it! I would have given my 3-year-old the same warning, because she also will sit on the potty and unwind the tp until there is a pile of it on the floor.


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