The back-firing of honey-dos–Husband Stories, part 2

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies (Photo credit: Backdoor Survival) If the picture weren’t labeled, I’d have no idea what these items were!

I suggested to my husband that he take the child lock off the kitchen cupboard that hides our trash can. Our kids are old enough to stay out the trash now. In fact, the littlest tries to throw stuff away (that should be thrown away–not car keys). So he did, but asked if he should take the lock off the adjoining cupboard as well.

“No, that has the cleaning supplies in it. We can wait a little longer with that one.”

To which he replied, “You hardly ever open that cupboard anyway.”


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    • Believe it or not, one time I suggested to him that if I would go outside and do yard work, would he clean the shower for me, and he said, “Yes”! He really did it! And he did it well! I asked him why he did it, and he said he rally didn’t feel like going outside, so it seemed a fair trade. Worked for me!
      It was a hot day. I got sweaty, so then I went swimming in the ocean with a girlfriend. We afterward stopped for tea to warm up. What a great day!


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