As heard in a fourth grade classroom


One of my students lent me a book. “I’ll bring it back to you on Monday,” I told her. She replied in a semi-condescending tone, “Ummm, no, Mrs. P., you won’t be able to finish it by then. Not with all YOUR homework!”

Assisting a student with a question on her science test, I read, “Which of the following three things would make a good conductor of electricity?”
“Can you give me a hint?” she asked.
“Sorry, Sweetie, I can’t give any hints. I can only read the question.”
“Well, the only conductors I know of are music conductors and train conductors, so could you maybe just tell me which one it is between the two?”

Old School TV

He should have paid more to get a tv that sat the correct way. (Photo credit: ky_olsen)

While trying to help one of my students with a math problem I said, “If Jim spent $189.90 of his savings on a t.v. and still had $374.98 left in his account, how much did he have altogether before buying the t.v.?”
The student, with a befuddled look on her face, replied, “I don’t know, because Jim shouldn’t be going into the bank to get money without his mom.”

Later conversation with my student:
“You didn’t finish the book I let you borrow, did you?” she asked.
“Actually, I brought it back for you today!” I replied.
“YES! I won the bet! You owe my five pieces of taffy!” she exclaimed.
“Wait a second. What bet? There was no bet, Missy.”
“Oh, yeah,” she shrugged and smiled. “I just really wanted some taffy, though.”

One student said one day, “Mrs. P., I think you’re going to be a really great teacher, when you grow up!”

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  2. Kids crack me up…..I could kick myself for not writing down the funny stuff my munchkins (and THEIR parents!) said and did! I truly would have had enough material for a book! ;>)


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