Such a martyr!


A mother saw her sons fighting over the last two cookies because one cookie was noticeably larger than the other. She decided to intervene, saying, “You know, Jesus would want you two to make a sacrifice by offering the larger cookie to the other. If Jesus were here, that’s what He would do.”

Then the older boy put his hand on his younger brother’s shoulder and said, “You can be Jesus today.”

-As told by Fr. Rich, spiritual father of many

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  1. When I was a kid, I got in trouble almost daily. I often was sent home from school with notes from the teacher, informing my parents about my latest crimes. One day, I had to deliver a note to my parents from my fifth grade teacher that stated I was constantly disrupting her class and bothering the teacher. My dad looked at me and said, “So, Bud, why are you bothering the teacher?”

    I passionately proclaimed my innocence: “Dad, it isn’t ME who bothers the teacher. It’s the kids that go up to her and TELL on me that are bothering her!”


  2. My two sons age 4 and 5 were playing outside when one of them came up to us crying and saying his brother had hit him. Not wanting to react until I got the whole story, I called son number 2 over and asked why he had hit his brother. His response? His brother had changed the channel on their imaginary TV and wouldn’t let son 2 watch the show he wanted!


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