Kids are funny


The girls were looking at their baby albums. My middle daughter, the most dramatic of the bunch by far, announced in a grandiose voice, “It’s time for the tale of the babies! Part One: Baby Gemma grows up!” Read the rest of this entry

As if there were any doubt…


I present to you:

More Proof that My Oldest Daughter is Truly My Child

Exhibit A

At dinner, I went straight for the vegetables on my plate. They were my favorite part of the meal. When my daughter scooped into the pot for her third helping of vegetables, she lamented, “Oh, man. They’re almost gone!”


Exhibit B

I was listening to one of my all-time favorite songs, Unthought Known, when Daughter (don’t call me that–bonus points if you get the reference) wandered over and said, “I like this song. It attracted me the way Read the rest of this entry

The envelope, please….


After weeks of tumultuous sleep for many of you, I’m sure, I’m ready to announce the winner of the “How Well Do You Know PIF True/False Challenge!” If you had to ask yourself, “Who’s PIF?” you don’t deserve to win.

But, as I am a master of suspense ala Alfred Hitchcock, I’ll give you the answers to the questions first! This way you can either sink lower and lower into your chair in defeat or sit up straighter and straighter as you realize victory is near! Always a roller coaster of emotions here at Parenting is Funny (aka PIF–you get it now?!)

And away we go! Read the rest of this entry

Tie breaker/Bonus round!


Okay, everyone. It’s been one week since the T or F contest. Nobody got every question right, but three people only missed one. I could just let them try my bonus round, but if they still miss them, it will get us no where. Plus, what if someone who only missed two of the original 5 gets the two bonus questions right, catapulting that person into the lead, possibly the win? Oh, the suspense! The drama! The sarcasm!

So, not to exclude anyone from participating, you are all welcome to try these two bonus questions. After this, I will declare a winner, even it means drawing one from a hat, or letting my four-year-old choose which username she likes best. It will be something highly scientific like that.

If anyone is joining us for the first time and would like to participate in a chance to win an autographed copy of my co-authored book, 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage, answer these five T/F questions as well.

Everyone else: on to the tie breaker! Read the rest of this entry

Donut hands


Some churches provide donuts after Mass for parishioners to munch while they mingle. This is a great bribery tool for parents who want their children to behave well at church. One son drew his Mother’s attention to his folded hands during Mass, saying “Look, Mom, donut hands!”

And here’s a little something from a friend of mine who teaches religion. This is CLASSIC!

I had my students do a journal entry for Isaac when he was going to be sacrificed by Abraham. Here is the end of one girl’s entry:
“….We sacrificed a ram instead. Then we went home, and as we were walking, my father said to me, Read the rest of this entry

Because it’s probably a felony in some states not to…


I will mention that two blog awards were conferred upon me. Not since the days of this blog’s youth, have I received blog awards, so, for old time’s sake, and so I can display them on the sidebar and pretend it impresses people, I will gratefully acknowledge that sent these two my way. I like when they come as a package deal. It saves time.


There are always rules for these things, which are often disregarded or changed at the discretion of the awardee. First, I have to acknowledge who gave me the awards. Done!

Next, I’m supposed to say some stuff about myself. As Naptimethoughts put it so well: “Make up some crap about yourself. 10 5 things that are entirely false, but you TOTALLY wish they were true.” I’m pretty sure that when I got my first blog award probably three  years ago, lying wasn’t encouraged, but maybe these things have been floating around for so long there’s nothing new to say. P.S. Changing it from 10 to 5 was my contribution for future blog generations. You’re welcome, kids.

I’m also going to change things up a bit here. Read the rest of this entry

Kids say the funniest things


My four-year-old daughter was so excited that I put bubbles in the bathtub she said, “I’m so happy I could just scream like a little girl!” Thank you for saying so rather than doing so.

Another time she asked my husband, “Dad, did Jesus make your hair very small?” She’d never seen him getting a hair cut, nor seemed to notice every time it was shorter, so it seemed a valid question.

My seven-year-old daughter was making mistakes with her math worksheet. She wasn’t paying attention to whether or not it was an addition or subtraction problem, as it kept changing on her. I said, “Pay attention to the symbol. The symbol is key.”

She responded in a flowy voice: Read the rest of this entry