Time has no meaning here


Which is why I bring you another extremely late story.

What is it? Almost February? Who’s writing this post? She needs to get with it!

Christmas morning, we were driving home from church, and I thought back to the previous Christmas when I attempted a post-Mass Starbucks run. A car ahead of us had the same idea, but, making the discovery that Starbucks was closed, the driver turned around and made eye contact as she passed, giving us a head shake and a frown. I thought that was so cute and sweet of her. We were united in our disappointment.

Remembering that incident, I sat despondently in my seat on the drive home this Christmas. I longed for a warm, tasty beverage. “I wish I hadn’t recently drunk the last of my candy cane green tea,” I said sadly to my husband. I should have saved the last tea bag for today.

He merely nodded.

This stuff is so good that when I drain the mug, I suck on the bag. What? I don't have a problem. Quit judging me.

This stuff is so good that when I drain the mug, I suck on the bag. What? I don’t have a problem. Quit judging me!

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Dover Police Dash Cam “Shake It Off”icer



I’m reblogging for the first time ever. The video in this post truly made my day. I hope it works wonders for the rest of you, too!

Originally posted on Nikitaland:

Dover, Del. – A Dover, Del. police officer became an overnight sensation with this video as the police department was viewing their dash cam videos. The funniest part of this video is when the officer stops his seat dancing a few seconds and waves professionally to someone, then gets right back into his awesome seat dancing moves!

Dover Police Dash Cam Catches Police Officer Singing Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”

Way to go Mr. Police Officer, “Shake It Off!”  Keep the dash cam videos coming!

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Secret Santa Snafu


Here’s another timely piece to follow last week’s Thanksgiving post. Maybe next week I’ll have a new year’s story for you!

My husband and his coworkers exchanged names for Secret Santa. During Advent they left small gifts in each other’s mail boxes.

My husband sneaked a small package of Lindt Lindor chocolates (the best on the planet, IMHO) into –we’ll call him Frank’s–box just before Frank walked into the mail room.

Come to Momma!

Come to Momma!

So Frank sees the chocolates in his box and says, “Ah, man. This must be from my Secret Santa. Too bad I’m Read the rest of this entry

Ol’ What’s-His-Name


Here’s one from my draft slush pile that I just rediscovered and found rather amusing. The timing is off, but hey….

The night before Thanksgiving my sister took her daughter to New York City to watch the balloons being blown up for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  On the way to the city her four-year-old asked, Read the rest of this entry

Does this caterpillar make me look fat?


A while back we got one of those butterfly growing kits that you start from caterpillars. There were the same number of caterpillars as members of the family, so the children named each one after us. I was a little distraught when I heard one child declare, Read the rest of this entry

Kids are funny


The girls were looking at their baby albums. My middle daughter, the most dramatic of the bunch by far, announced in a grandiose voice, “It’s time for the tale of the babies! Part One: Baby Gemma grows up!” Read the rest of this entry

As if there were any doubt…


I present to you:

More Proof that My Oldest Daughter is Truly My Child

Exhibit A

At dinner, I went straight for the vegetables on my plate. They were my favorite part of the meal. When my daughter scooped into the pot for her third helping of vegetables, she lamented, “Oh, man. They’re almost gone!”


Exhibit B

I was listening to one of my all-time favorite songs, Unthought Known, when Daughter (don’t call me that–bonus points if you get the reference) wandered over and said, “I like this song. It attracted me the way Read the rest of this entry