Letters from Grandma


Quotes from my mother’s letters to the girls:

When Grandpa rakes leaves, he builds a little fire. The deer come out of the woods and stand around the fire warming up. I take them cups of hot chocolate. Yesterday I taught them how to make s’mores. They roast the marshmallows on their antlers.

Then in the next letter:

We have several inches of snow and it’s cold. The deer are unhappy. They miss the bon fires. One deer tapped on the window and waved a hoof for me to come out. But I don’t have a fur coat. So then he put his hoof up to his ear like, “Call me.” Read the rest of this entry

As heard in a fourth grade classroom, part 2


Here’s something months-old from my draft folder. It’s all I have the energy for. My youngest is six, so I am very surprised to find myself in the woes of a first trimester all over again. I’ve not been so attentive of mine or other’s blogs lately. Please forgive me.

Girl Student (teary eyed): My finger really hurts…

Me (blowing a kiss onto her finger): There we go! When I taught kindergarten a couple years ago, every time I blew a kiss on someone’s owie then it healed VERY soon. My students said my boo-boo kisses were like magic! I sure hope I still have my touch!!

Girl Student (rubbing her finger): Nope. You don’t have it anymore.

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Speaking of nap time


My husband, who actually is capable of napping at any time and anywhere, even sitting up in a room filled with playing children (I’m so jealous of him), was “resting his eyes” in the same chair where I received the animal and blanket just days before.

The youngest climbed into his lap. “I want to play a game with Dad,” she said.

“Like what?” he mumbled. Read the rest of this entry

Nap time

I laid down on the couch for a bit, and L brought me her special blanket and the stuffed animal of hers that she knows is my favorite. What a little love.

The next day I was lounging in a stuffed chair and happened to rest my eyes for a bit. The youngest ran away and came back with the same animal and blanket. A minute later when L came in, she looked at the animal with disdain, Read the rest of this entry

My gosh, when will she shut up already?


I’ve noticed from reading the blogs of other authors that it appears to be standard operating procedure to share about your marketing successes. I guess it lends credence to you being a legit author and not simply a hack. To that end, I felt I ought to report that my book, which has been out nearly a month, has sold 1,106 copies. That sounds pretty good to me.

Also, it now has six 5-star reviews on Amazon. Maybe that’s not a lot, but at least they’re all rave reviews. So far, like the first book, not a single non-5-star review in the bunch. And that’s pretty cool.

[Editor’s note: You’re not doing a very good job marketing if you don’t even bother mentioning the name of the book: 101 Tips for Marrying the Right Person. Or the first book: 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage. Sheesh. You can find them both at my Amazon page.] Read the rest of this entry



polar-bearWe were talking about foxes and my youngest jumped in with, “Speaking of wolves, I saw a polar bear!”

I do not understand how her mind works.

Here are two jokes I heard recently. Stop me if you’ve heard them. (ha!)

A doctor tells a man he has cancer. The man says, “I want a second opinion!” The doctor says, Read the rest of this entry