This is who I came from


Today my Facebook memory brought up this picture of my mom and me at a wedding four years ago. I labeled it, “Having a drink with the woman who taught me how.”


I should HOPE you can guess which of us is which. Now that I see myself with those glasses, are they too big for my face or what? My mom, always a ham, said just before this, “Wait, are you sure I’m in the shot?”

My mom happened to call today and tell me about tripping on the front porch stairs and landing on her hand. My dad brought her ice to help with the swelling. When that melted she asked for more. He informed her, “If I give you more ice, there won’t be enough for your gin and tonic.”

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Momma kitty


My youngest loves cats and kittens. A recent visit to the library netted her this book, which became our bedtime “story.”


Ridiculously cute, am I right?

For kicks and giggles, I was subtly adding words in my “reading voice.”

For instance (not a direct quote from the book): “Cats are fun and playful just like Momma.”

“Cats are beautiful and smart just like Momma.”

Then my husband walks in and says, Read the rest of this entry

I’ve never claimed to be a good cook


Usually my husband makes the tuna melts. In fact, if I’ve started on my own, he’ll take the spatula from my hand with a smile, and a “I’ve got this, hon.”

But one night he was working late, so I got to make them myself. I didn’t get what the big deal was. The buttered bread slices were happily sizzling while I loaded up the cheese and the tuna mixed with mayo. (I skimped on the pickles, but no one seemed to notice.)


Doesn’t this look delicious? And absolutely nothing like mine. (Image from

Then it was time to flip them.

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Nightmares of John Wayne


QMNow calm down. I’m not about to insult The Duke. I grew up on John Wayne movies, including this one mentioned in a comment someone kindly left in the Add Your Own Story section of this blog. Check it out:

Last night we finished watching The Quiet Man with John Wayne.

6 Yr old son: Papa, that movie is going to give me nightmares.
Papa: What part?
6 Yr old son: What’s a nightmare?
Papa: Bad dreams that scare you.
6 Yr old son: Never mind… I’ll be okay.

Too cute, right?

I responded to this by thanking the person for evidently thinking of me shortly after it happened. He responded: Read the rest of this entry

New book release: To Hunt a Sub


subFellow blogger Jacqui Murray’s new book, To Hunt a Sub, has been released! What an exciting day!

I’m always happy to support fellow writers so here’s the skinny on To Hunt a Sub:

A brilliant Ph.D. candidate, a cynical ex-SEAL, and a quirky experimental robot team up against terrorists intent on stealing America’s most powerful nuclear weapon, the Trident submarine. By all measures, they are an unlikely trio–one believes in brawn, another brains, and the third is all geek–but they’re all America has to stop this enemy who would destroy everything they believe in. But this trio has a secret weapon: the wisdom of a formidable female who died two million years ago. 

What sets this story apart from other thrillers is the edgy science used to build the drama, the creative thinking that unravels the deadly plot, and the captivating prehistoric female who unwittingly becomes the guide and mentor to Kalian Delamagente as she struggles to stop a madman from destroying her life: Read the rest of this entry

The hamster “maze”


This little operation was well under way by the time I got wind of it. They had a blast, and Punzie worked for her food for a change.

Aug 001Aug 002

For the record, those are sunflower seeds, honest! Read the rest of this entry

Of hamsters and men

Remember our hamster, Rapunzel, aka Punzie, so named because of her long hair?  Well, she’s become my dog. I occasionally feed her hamster-safe scraps of food that I find left on the floor by the human residents of this home. I should just let her out at night to forage/vacuum.
June 2016 108

The Punzinator

Once I found a Raisin Bran flake in the corner of the kitchen. I picked it up, with the intention of giving it to Punzie, but after failed attempts to get the dust off, (it was in a tight corner, alright?!) I threw it away.
My husband looked at me with an eyebrow raised.

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