Beware of squirrels with backpacks


My eight-year-old nephew said a squirrel had been digging in their sandbox, making holes in their castles. His mom told him to be sure to wash his hands after he played in there because squirrels can carry diseases.

He said, “Squirrels don’t have backpacks, so how can they carry diseases?”

Moral of the story: Be safe. Don’t play with squirrels, backpacks or not.

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  1. Ha ha ha. My husband plays Yatzee with a squirrel he’s named Squirrely (so original, I know). Fortunately, we don’t have a squirrel problem, because Squirrely doesn’t let any other squirrels in on the game. The only problem now is that the little critter wants to play Yatzee All The Time. 🙂

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  2. This reminds me of another nephew, playing in a sandbox. Behind him came 2 Canadian geese and 3 goslings. His sisters saw them, squealed, and ran to get bread. They tossed bread to the geese. Your nephew threw plastic dinosaurs at them.

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  5. Ha ha! Squirrel yahtzee! And I wonder if Diana’s husband’s squirrely gaming partner has thought about starting a club. Or setting aside a poker night; instead of dogs around the table, squirrels.

    Clever humor definitely runs in your family!

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