Covered in cat hair


When I step outside to throw something in the recycling bin, I might be gone for ten minutes. My family doesn’t wonder after me anymore, because, cats.

The neighbors’ four cats want us to adopt them. Or, rather, three of them do. Callie, the oldest and wisest, with whom I’ve had stunning conversations, knows better. She thinks we’re a little unstable. Or knows that I am.

The one we’ve named Caramel now sleeps in our yard. Whenever a door or window opens, she starts meowing. I once found her asleep on a carpet square in our garage.

My youngest daughter was the first to befriend Caramel, so now, when we hear her meowing, one of us will say to her, “Your friend is calling for you.” Now my daughter sighs. Befriending a cat can be exhausting. I suggested she take her book outside so she can read and pet at the same time.



I suspect Caramel was initially so skittish because she lives with three young boys, who perhaps are a little rough with her. Clearly, she doesn’t feel that way with Joe.

DSCN8884 (2)

DSCN8794 (2)

Caramel and one of the twins coming to investigate their wannabe new home.

I named one of the twins Panther; my daughter named the other Midnight. We play with them and send them home. No feeding or litter box cleaning necessary. It’s like we’re cat grandparents. I just wonder if my cat-loving writer friends will let this count as ownership, thereby improving my writer credentials.


Here’s one gearing up to prance along my keyboard. That makes me a real author, right?


Don’t tell my mom that her knitted bookmark has become a kitten toy.



Big sister helps little brother have a turn.


Yep, I OWN this place now.

But to all her compatriots frolicking and fraternizing with the neighbor children, The Venerable Callie’s expression remains the same:

DSCN8852 (2)

Have a wonderful cat-filled rest of the week. Unless you’re allergic. In which case, don’t come to our house.

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    • Even one cat would be tough. I’m just not sure how I feel about the possibility of shredded furniture and curtains. Also, I have no idea where we’d put the litter box. Of course, it could be an outdoor cat, which is essential what we have now! 🙂


  1. KITTIES!!! more the better. and yes, only real authors have cats. If one will walk on your keyboard – yeah that counts. Hemingway – right?

    And remember that great quote from Benjamin Franklin who said, “In the dark, all cats are grey.”

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  2. I miss having a cat. In the winter, in a cold climate, there’s nothing better than a purring lap blanket. Never had two cats at same time, so no double blanket, no stereo.

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  3. I’m allergic to them, so when I was little we had Tommy, and then later Tommy (who we pretended were the same cat), but couldn’t have him in the house. When I sat on the front steps and read, he would get into my lap to share the space with whatever I was reading. Did I get cat dander on my clothes and sneeze and wheeze? Sure, but it was worth it. One Tommy or the other used to follow us to school and wait outside it for us all day.

    The neighborhood cats had theoretic owners, but spent time with all of us. Smokey the Cat was especially friendly, came around to play with our dog, and sometimes snuck into our house in search of him.

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    • A factor that’s been remarked on is how cats don’t have much in the way of face expression the way dogs and simians do. Most cats look like they’re always grinning, as do birds; no matter how we may tell ourselves it’s meaningless, the effect is compelling. And then when we don’t get the reaction we expect from them to go with that face, we’re taken aback. This lack of feedback might be the reason so many people dislike cats.

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  4. Hmm. Does that count? Hmm. I’m not sure it counts until you are vacuuming cat hair off the sofa and cleaning up hairballs. But I do like the idea of cat grandparents. I suspect the “grandcats” don’t even bother asking before they come over (just like grandkids who live really close to grandma and grandpa). However, you do have a cat writing assistant, so it must count 😀

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