Just to clarify…

dscn5737.jpgHave we run out of adjectives for shampoo?
My Kiwi-Lime Squeeze has been labeled “clarifying” shampoo.
So does that mean when I’m in public, my hair will convey to others, “Yes, this hair is clean. She lathered and rinsed, but just didn’t repeat”?
Or, “Yes, this is her natural color. I would know.”
Or, “Yes, she knows it’s frizzy, she just doesn’t care enough.”
Thanks for setting that straight, shampoo. It’s about time someone came up with a shampoo that could do this for us.
What are your thoughts on what “clarifying shampoo” might mean?

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  1. 😀 My shampoo cracks me up more for listing all the ingredients by scientific name but having their common name in parentheses. Seems like it doubly defeats whatever purpose they have…


  2. Without knowing anything, because I know so very little, I always thought it meant it was cleaning without leaving anything behind (like thickeners or softeners…). But, I’ve already established I know very little.

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  3. Now wait a minute… I use a specific clarifying shampoo in-between using my regular vague [?] shampoo. I like it for how it helps my curly/frizzy hair look better, but I also like the idea of something articulate floating around the outside of my head, perhaps sending clarity to my brain. 🙃

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  4. Ha! What I wonder, though, is why you started thinking about clarifying shampoo? Is it related to clarified butter? Or Clara Barton? Maybe it wanted to be a college professor, but couldn’t get the cleared throat thing down before instructing students to clarify their statements.

    Or maybe the shower was your 10 minutes of time alone and what else is there to read in the shower? 😀

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  5. hmmm, Is there a lying or obfuscating shampoo? I’d pay extra for a shampoo that said, “He’s only 35” or “He’s not turning grey, that’s just a little sun bleaching,” or “he likes it cut thin – he’s not going bald.”

    I mean, I’d pay a lot extra…

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  6. Once my daughter’s college professor asked her what she’d like to do with her major (English with the emphasis on technical writing and communications) and she replied, “Write up the back of shampoo bottles.” Her professor said that was a new answer but she could very well do that. 😁 Then she could clarify what your shampoo actually does. 😉

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    • Wow. That’s simple. What is clarifying meant to mean, exactly? I still don’t know! No doubt I bought this because it was on sale. And also, LUCIE!!! Where you been???!?!?! So great to see you again!!!


      • I think,B, it is meant to be used when we have ” build up” on our hair i.e. when we have used the same shampoo too much and we get hair that lays limp….

        Thx for “missing me”…have been in a bit of a slump since my Mom passed away…not in the mood to write, read, or do much of anything. I walk alot and watch Netflix. Just feeling a little untethered these days..like a rudderless ship, if that makes any sense to you. I need to write, though. I think it would help.

        Hope u and the family have all been well, sweetheart. Happy Eastet!💕

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      • Awh, Lucie. I’m so sorry. I know that’s gotta be rough. Yes, please do get back to writing. I’m sure it would help because it would enable you to reconnect with people again. Community helps us get through tough times, even if just an online community. Maybe there’s something local you can get involved in too. Volunteer at the library? That’s just the first thing that popped into my mind. There must be lots of volunteer opportunities that will help you find purpose. What’s something your mom would want you to do? Who could you help?

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      • Yes, community does indeed help. I see friends, occasionally, and stay involved with church and the community, but find that some days my heart just isn’t what it used to be. Mom smiled every day and helped neighbors and family as much as she physically could…..I am s l o w l y doing the same. Hopefully, I’ll be out of my slump, soon…Hugs, Lucie


  7. I’m more concerned with all these delicious flavors shampoo manufacturers are incorporating into their products. The first time I tried Fructis it smelled so much like a fruit salad, I legitimately licked my arm afterwards.

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