Happy 4th and 3 days late



Happy 4th of July to my American friends.

I’m overdue to have a baby, as usual. When telling the kids how late they each were, my youngest said of the oldest, “She was a little overdone, but still good.”


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      • When do they lose that smell? I haven’t seen anyone who says when that is, and I know the smell differs depending whether breast- or bottle-fed. I have heard 8 yrs. is when they commonly develop a need-a-bath smell, though not usually the odor of apocrine sweat, which occurs with adrenarche in most cases.

        The reason I’d looked into that question was, when I was casting about for how to market my foaming formula (excellent for bubble bath), I looked at the angles being used to pitch toiletries, especially for children. That’s when I heard about Philip Davis’s (BertSherm Prods., a contraction of his parents’ 1st names) Fun & Fresh. Believe it or not, it was underarm deodorant for children. Interesting minimalist concept, using triethyl citrate to slowly release citric acid, but since children’s armpits don’t usually stink more than the rest of their bodies, it didn’t sell.

        Sitting here today after a very low-turnout & brief July 4 barbecue, lots of leftovers & uncooked hamburger that I’d better cook into meatballs or patty-&-freeze tonight because last sale date was yesterday. (That wasn’t the only “bargain”: I’ve had corn get moldy, but never knew until today that it could go sour.) We didn’t even get to the chicken & ribs. At least with children, you’ll always have company.


  1. So, you made it to the party, right? I remember that last month (my second was a month early, so I got to skip it). Longest. Month. Ever. Enjoy whatever time you have before the return of midnight feedings and diapers. Good luck! (then again, if your youngest is 7, you’ve got some good helpers this time around πŸ˜€ )


    • Yes, we made it to the party! I’m glad of that. Thanks for the reminder that soon enough it’s back to the middle of the nights and the diapers. Ugh. But these big kids have made my life too easy. I guess it was time for a shake up.


  2. So funny…just think in about two years you will have another little mouth that will spout out more funny phrases! I was “late” with all mine except my last. I may have told the doctor that she was conceived a couple weeks earlier knowing I would be pressured to induce. Also, I was going to acupuncture for a pain in my awrse and she may have done a little baby boost to relieve all the pressure I was feeling and sure enough it worked and we were holding our sweet little one that evening. Hope you were dancing with sparklers to encourage your little one from being “overdone.” Happy 40+ weeks!


    • I love that you said awrse. Haha! Well, any day now. And it’s funny about this one will have funny things to say for this blog in a couple years. That’s why I started this blog–my funny kids, but that was years ago and they haven’t been nearly as funny as they’ve gotten older. So I guess it is time for round two! πŸ™‚


  3. My first was overdue by two weeks. I was so tired of having the same conversation about it, when my second came along I decided not to tell people my due date. Instead I said mid July (even though it was supposed to be beginning of July). It turned out labor started right on the due date for her. I guess it was that three mile speed-walk I did in the morning….or maybe acupressure the day before. But really, I think they come when they want to. Let your little boy enjoy his cozy place for a bit longer. Be patient…he’ll be here before you know it.

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    • My last one being ten days late, I remember telling myself that I should’ve told people a later date than she was really due. I should’ve taken my own advice this time! When will I learn? Yes, the same conversation over and over… It might help with my own peace of mind if I had told MYSELF he was actually due a week or so later. πŸ™‚

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  4. I hope he gets his act together and arrives before too much longer. I know exactly what you mean about that longest month. My first born was twelve days late and I could write a whole post about all the ‘sure fire’ ways to naturally encourage your bundle of joy to vacate the premises in an orderly fashion post haste that simply weren’t.


    • Oh, for sure. I’ve heard them all. πŸ™‚ So be it. Yes, being overdue is uncomfortable and makes it difficult to sleep, but I also remind myself how difficult things are with a newborn, so I should just chill out. πŸ™‚


      • That is also a very valid point. I might not have minded carrying him those extra days if he hadn’t been so prone to kicking me in my ribs at all hours. At least when he was born I could occasionally hand him over to his father.


      • True about handing him off, and I know what you mean about the rib kicking. Fortunately this one is being kind to me, or I’d probably have a different attitude. My rib kicker was only one day late. Phew!

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