Best quote of the day


I walked past my girls’ bedroom and saw various toys, clothes, and other items strewn about.

“Wow. You’re making a quite a mess in your room,” I commented casually.

Without hesitation, my five year old replied, “Yeah, because it’s made of solid junk.”

I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff.

A friend of mine, when pregnant, told me she was worried about having a boy because, and I quote: “I’m afraid that when he’s older and I get mad at him I might accidentally call him a son of a bitch. And I don’t want to insult myself.”

She was kidding.

I think.


Have you heard any good quotes lately?

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  1. “made of solid junk”–Ha, as opposed to porous junk. 🙂

    As for good quotes, earlier today I was eating string cheese, and my youngest said, “You eat string cheese wrong.”

    Must I be a failure at everything? Sigh.


  2. My oldest was drawing a few years back. Her grandmother couldn’t make out what she was drawing. And so my mother asked her what it was. Perturbed, my daughter told her it was Abstract. I secretly smiled, and thought atta girl! Great post PIF! Kids say the best things!


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