As if there were any doubt…


I present to you:

More Proof that My Oldest Daughter is Truly My Child

Exhibit A

At dinner, I went straight for the vegetables on my plate. They were my favorite part of the meal. When my daughter scooped into the pot for her third helping of vegetables, she lamented, “Oh, man. They’re almost gone!”


Exhibit B

I was listening to one of my all-time favorite songs, Unthought Known, when Daughter (don’t call me that–bonus points if you get the reference) wandered over and said, “I like this song. It attracted me the way an introductory paragraph should.”

Ah, my darling nerd. How I love you.

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  1. Wow. Now if your husband and second daughter go after the veggies slowly…maybe it is because if they wait long enough, there will not be any left. Darn. 😉


  2. You never know about these things. Frequently we’ll go thru periods of imitating some facet or facets of our parents, and then periods of the opposite, and you never know what order those periods will come in. When I was 5 YO, I would write “MD” after my name.


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