A new book! And a few thank yous….


My mom wrote a book about her father who sailed around the world by himself, as an old man, and his many adventures, including being captured at gunpoint in Panama and having a huge parade at his arrival in Japan. (The mayor was there. Even the school kids got the day off to celebrate him!) It’s at amazon, and it’s very interesting and well-written. If you like travel, please check it out.

Also, I’m not generally very good at the award thing, but now that a few have stacked up, it’s time.

I received the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from makingitthroughmonday, who, it appears, has since deleted her blog. Talk about irony! I hope my lapse in acknowledging her award isn’t what caused her to give it up on Sunday.

I also got the Liebster award from supermom2spiderman and the Best Moment Award from tazeinmirzasaad (I have no idea how to pronounce that either).

So, I guess I’m supposed to tell you some stuff about me now.

1.My favorite color is blue, because, frankly, it’s the best color and anyone who thinks otherwise is only kidding themselves.

2.I drink tea more than coffee because I’m lazy, and throwing a mug of water with a tea bag in the microwave seems quicker and easier to me then brewing a pot of coffee. (Yes, I have heard of a Keurig, smarty-pants, but I don’t HAVE a Keurig.) But if you were to offer me coffee, I’d gladly accept.

3. Homeschooling my children has brought out the incredible impatience in me.

4. I am reading David Eddings’ Belgariad and Mallorean series for the third time. And I proudly got my husband started on them. He can barely put them down. Yep, they’re that good, if you’re into Lord of the Rings-esque fantasy.

5. I probably enjoy action movies more than I do chic flicks. Nope. Not probably. I actually do.

6. I think Chef Gordon Ramsey is awesome.

7. I like Shakira and Usher are better coaches on The Voice than Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green were.

8. I’m glad that I mentioned that I read since the last three involved movies or television. See, I AM well-rounded folks.

9. I have a book coming out in October called “101 Tips for a Happier Marriage.” If I were any good at marketing, I would have listed that first. But don’t worry, when it’s out for real, I’ll be plugging the tar out of it.

10. Am I supposed to come up with 10? I really should have read the rules on these things. Maybe I could have stopped at 7! Dang.

And now I’m going to nominate some people. How many, who knows? But these are my most faithful followers, so I’m totally playing favorites here. And if I don’t mention you, it’s just because I’m lazy and got tired of typing.

free penny press

carrie rubin



And, in honorium (is that word? It’s got a fuzzy red line under it. You know what I mean, though, right?), bellybuttonblues, who was my first blog friend, but is no longer with us. No, she didn’t die, she just deleted her blog to pursue other things. Her departure is still keenly felt.

Go visit those other blogs, though. They’re cool people. And don’t forget to check out my mom’s book. It’s a good read.


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  1. Congrats about the award. That is awesome news about the book. You have to push it more. This is the first time you talked about it. I enjoy action flicks more than chick flicks too – that’s probably not as big a statement coming from me.
    Thanks for nominating me. Now, put me on your blogroll!


  2. Thanks so much for the award nod! (At least I think that was for me–the link didn’t work. Wouldn’t I have egg on my face if there were two Carrie Rubins?…) I’m always very late getting to my acceptance posts, but I don’t have The Best Moment award yet, so I’ll tuck this post away for the future. 🙂

    I’m with you–I far prefer action movies to the traditional ‘chic flick.’ Guess with my short attention span, I need lots of action to keep me watching.

    Thanks again and congrats on your upcoming book! (And to your mom for hers, too. What an accomplished family!)


  3. Aww shucks, you make me blush 🙂 Thanks so much and a high-five congrats for yours. Getting blog-bling is so nice..as for Mr usher, *see me fanning myself* 😉


  4. Hey, it was great to find out some things about you here – the person behind the parenting tales! And I learned something, I thought ‘The Voice’ was just a British programme, I didn’t know you had it over there too! Our coaches on it here are Jessie J, Tom Jones, Will.I.Am, and Danny O’Donoghue (from The Script). I just looked it up and it appears that the show first started in Holland and is now in 45 countries! I love talent shows.


  5. Hey thanks for the award I think. Is that me? I don’t know for sure but if it is not is my face red. We are thekovies.com around here so I wasn’t sure. I ordered the book and can’t wait to start reading it. If your mom passed down the writing genes to you it can’t be anything but good. Those awards keep stacking up over here from one person or another and I alawys say thank you but I don’t even know how to put them on the blog,do you? I better get learning! And if it ain’t me congrats to the other lexiesnana. I absolutely love her name.


    • Haha! See how bad I am at this? Yes, I mean for that to be you. Since you always show up on comments as lexiesnana, that’s what I think of you as, but I’m pretty sure the link I put in for you is thekovies, etc. Thanks for ordering the book! My mom will be thrilled! From your dashboard, hit appearances then widgets, then drag an “image” over to your sidebar and input the URL for the image. You can get that by right clicking the image on my blog (ooh, i should have included those in the post) and choosing copy image location. I hope that helps. You can swipe my images from the sidebar of my homepage. Happy Saturday!


  6. Cool to learn some new tidbits about you. For some reason, I always picture you to be a bit “proper” so it’s hard for me to imagine you listening to Gordon Ramsey drop the F-bomb! Hope me calling you “proper” doesn’t offend, I think you’re fudgin’ awesome.

    And you have a book coming out! I wonder if one of your tips for a better marriage is for me to blog less and talk to my husband more. Congrats on the book, and congrats to your mom too!


    • “fudgin’ awesome”–Love it! Probably blogging less and talking to your husband more is a good idea. It helps that my husband reads my blog. I hope yours does too! (I meant read your blog, not mine. Although both would be nice!) 🙂


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