Where do they come up with this stuff?


I told my oldest to get off the card table for fear she would bend it “out of shape.” Then the five-year-old looked at me quizzically and asked, “You mean, like a circle?”

In the bathtub tonight this same daughter was playing with a toy horse and had this to say about it: “This horse’s name is Rainbow. People don’t ride it, though, because it leaves a rainbow trail that they don’t want to clean up.”

She has another horse that she instructed her two-year-old sister to call  Beauty of the Wind (said with a deep, solemn sigh). Then she told her to “Repeat after me… Beauty…”


“of the…”

“of the…”



“That’s right.”

I’m glad she’s teaching her the important things. That makes my job easier.

Say it with me: "Beauty of the Wind." "That's right."

Say it with me: “Beauty of the Wind.” “That’s right.”

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  1. LOL. Stories like this really brighten my day. I had a friend in college who said that those people who had more than one kid could not devote as much time to each one so they were neglecting them. I rebutted with the fact that they actually had more people to teach them things. Like this…the important stuff! LOL


  2. Oh yes, My little Pony.. I remember my girls loving these.. Your daughter is quite the story teller already.. Such an imagination is a wonderful gift.. Thanks for this light-hearted post 🙂


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