The bathroom is now off-limits!

we can finally hang towels

I hope those towels have been washed!

My two-year-old was quiet in the bathroom for far too long. When I went in to investigate, the first thing I saw was the large towel drawer opened and empty. Slowly, I turned toward the toilet. Sure enough, it was filled with every single wash cloth and hand towel that we own!

–Anita, mother of 5

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  1. From my babysitting days: 3 boys, each about 2 years apart. The youngest at about 1 year of age. Mom’s instructions to me: “Don’t let the older boys help the youngest go to the bathroom. He’s had enough brotherly ‘help’ for awhile.”
    It seems that the 2 oldest assisted the youngest to use the toilet all by himself, by laying his penis on the bottom rim of the toilet. To keep the penis in place, they slammed the lid down on it. The mother wasn’t too sure when she would ever get her baby boy potty trained.
    End of story: youngest is now an MD, and we’re guessing he’s, you know, potty trained.
    Thanks for your stories, Barb


  2. Reminds me of the time I was babysitting these five little kids.Their mom came home and we were talking for a bit.She then went to get her purse and couldn’t find it.As she was going down the hall to her bedroom I heard her yell.Seems she looked in the bathroom door on her way by and there was her purse turned upside down right in the toilet.


  3. haha.. This reminds me (I think I told you once) when the boy-child used a tube sock because he could not find the toilet paper.. needless to say it took the plumber to tell me that.. yes quiet=trouble 🙂


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