How do teachers grade papers with a straight face?


My parents uncovered a test I took in, I think, 3rd grade. Here are my stellar answers to the two essay questions:

16. Name two animals that are endangered. Explain how they became endangered. Tell what you would do to keep them safe.

Geese become endangered because hunters and some farms do not take them and try to kill them and that’s all I can think of and I didn’t have room.

My “that’s all I can think of and I didn’t have room” took up the last two lines of the allotted space. My teacher wrote “Geese aren’t endangered!” I don’t know. I think I had a fairly compelling argument. Then there came this gem:

17. Name the foods and other useful products that come from each of these animals: cows, chickens, and pigs.

Cows give milk that’s all I can think of. Chickens give eggs that’s all I can think of. Pigs give pork and bacon that’s all I can think of.

At least I remembered the bacon! My teacher wrote in some things I had forgotten; namely, beef and hides from cows and meat from chicken. Nonetheless, thanks to my “that’s all I can think of”s, run-on sentences not withstanding, I managed to fill out all the space provided. That ought to count for something!

I got a C on the test.


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