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The conversation that went down while I was in the shower

English: A .

Not a child’s toy.

Seven-year-old, G: Mom, L [four-years-old] has the tape again, and she’s trying to hide the picture she’s making from you so you won’t see it and know she’s using the tape.
Me: Please take the tape away from her. She knows she’s not supposed to have it.
(Several minutes later) G: Mom, L took the tape again, even though I told her not to. And she told me not to tell you.
L from the other room: Don’t tell Mom!
G: When she tells me not to tell you, I will tell you. Read the rest of this entry

How noisy do I have to get, folks?


Crying alien baby Deutsch: Heulendes Alienbaby

The two-year-old was complaining about something in the other room while my husband was telling me about something important that had happened at work that day. We were both fully prepared to just go on ignoring her until she came into the room to be sure that we could bear the full brunt of her futile protesting. She got too loud for us to hear each other speak. (Oh, come on, parents. You’ve never ignored your child’s complaints?) Then finally my husband yelled, “Hey, I’m talking!” To which she replied, Read the rest of this entry