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Already working the loopholes

Plastic Lei

Plastic Lei (Photo credit: sandy.redding)

After a luau-themed school picnic, my seven-year-old came home with several different colors of plastic leis. When her two-year-old “Queen of Destruction” sister grabbed a hold of one, she became very nervous. Trying to pull it away  would almost ensure a torn lei and asking nicely for its safe return having proved fruitless, she instructed her little sister, “Don’t break or tear it.”

The younger, bent on the mess potential all this frilly plastic could create, but still wanting to be obedient to her big sister, responded, Read the rest of this entry

Oh, conscience… Hello? Are you in there?

In the car the other day, my seven-year-old asked if she had a conscience.  I told her, “Yes,” and then slowly asked, “Why?” Read the rest of this entry