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Only at Walmart

A boneca de 10 mil reis do Dr Hollywood

A boneca de 10 mil reis do Dr Hollywood (Photo credit: Capitu)

After a night out with friends, I let my children stay up late because I still needed to drive the babysitter home. On the way back, we were about to pass a Walmart, when I remembered that we were going to a little girl’s birthday party the next day. If I didn’t stop in now, I wouldn’t have time to pick up a gift in the morning. Unfortunately, two of the kids were in pajamas and the third was wearing a swim suit! None of them had shoes on. Read the rest of this entry

Like father, like son?


We were in the book department at Target when my son realized he needed to go to the bathroom. I started walking in the right direction with him when I noticed he was still holding a book. I stopped and said, “You need to put that back.” He replied, Read the rest of this entry

Always a silver lining


I had a lot of shopping to do and was hauling my son out of the car when I realized I should change his diaper. To save time I just pulled his pants down a little and slapped a diaper on him and hustled into the store. Read the rest of this entry